London town!

So we’re off to london for a few days!
Exciting, never been there this time of year before:P

Gonna check out the sights and see Wicked the Musical!

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8 thoughts on “London town!

  1. aahh! DIGG! Sounds awesome! have fun!

  2. Gonna be great 😀

  3. Monica

    Enjoy! Ta masse bilda :):)

  4. Exciting! Take lots of snaps, and have a lovely time!!!! x

  5. Hihi, kos dere massemasse!

  6. høres gøy ut! Skal til London i Oktober jeg:D Weho 😀 Have fun! 🙂

  7. Åj, Wicked har gått leeeenge nå. Tror den begynte når jeg var der Januar 07 eller noe. Så masse plakater for det ihvertfall. Men så var jeg full stort sett hele turen også da, haha!!
    Et par pints har jo ikke skadet noen 🙂

  8. kos deg i London 😉 var der ganske nettopp 😉

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