London was WICKED!

it was soooo good to get away for a few days, Walk around the streets of London and see everything.
Sure we’ve seen much of London before, but this was the first time doing so in the summer time, and it made me fall even more in Love with the biggest city of my 2nd home country!
I think this is exactly what me and Renate needed.
I must want you, this post will be LOOOOONG!

We also met up with a friend from Dougiefied, Erika, and she was even more lovely than I’d imagined.
Finally meeting someone I’ve grown close to over the past few months, get to hang out with her, it was absolutely brilliant.
To sum up the first day, we arrived, walked to find the hostel, walked in the wrong direction, finally found it, waited around till we could check in and then started to head towards waterloo to meet Erika. As soon as we did, it was time for the first starbucks of the trip.
IMG_9169We sat down in Jubilee Garden with our frappoucino’s (yes i cannot spell that word)
Watch the london eye, took funny pictures etc. Then we walked to Leicester Square to have dinner at Wagamama’s. yummy!
Afterwards we went to soho and had a drink before Erika sadly had to leave, but we went by this nordic bar we’d found earlier on the way back to the hostel and enjoyed a Kopparberg or 3.
IMG_9372Let’s say someone got rather tipsy, and fell asleep pretty quickly that evening, even if it wasn’t even midnight yet. Got up around 8am, and had a lovely breakfast before we set off to Victoria and the Apollo Victoria theatre to buy tickets for Wicked the Musical! It was two happy girlies who could walk away with two front row seats for the matine show.
IMG_9407Seeing as this was only at 10am and we had about 4 1/2 hours to kill untill the show started we needed something to do. Went to starbucks again, for a frappe and a panini, yummy! but that didn’t take long so we went exploring in the area around victoria, we saw the back of buckingham palace, wandered around the streets. Bought Krispy Kreme donuts, tried on shoes in topshop. I fell in love with a pair, but I’m not paying £85 for a pair of shoes, no matter how gorgeous they were.
IMG_9428Someone wanna donate £85 so I can buy them? yes?

Anyway, finally it was time to head back, after plenty rounds around the area, I bought a program, and we went to find our seats, making our way to the front, already a bit overwhelmed that we were gonna experience this front row. The theatre was a bit smaller than I’d expected but it was a perfect setting for this musical. As soon as the lights dimmed and music started we were sold, eyes glued to the stage and almost constant goosebumps. Alexia who played Elpheba was amazing, what a voice. If you are a fan of the Wizard of Oz, I think you’d like this one, as Wicked is the story of the wicked witch of the west, the real story. It was truly beautiful and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again sometime. I wish it had been the west end cast on the wicked cd, cause they were brilliant.
IMG_0079After that it was about time we hit Oxford Street ready for some shopping! After finding our way through Hyde Park and past the Marble Arch, we got to the top of the renowned Shopping street. just walked through primark, went by new look and came out with nada. Quckily our tummy’s told us it was about time we got some food in us again and we went to a restaurant called Spaghetti House, Renate had a lovely pizza and I tried the lasagna, and burned my mouth:P It was funny though cause it didn’t seem many of the people who worked there were actually Italian.
Anyway we returned to the hostel that evening with only a tiny shopping bag from H&M, but that was ok.

The last day, we were up bright and early again, and the breakfast was once again quite delicious.
We hit Oxford Street again, and this time I bought some sweatpants and stuff from H&M, and Renate got some nice underwear from La Senza. Before we met up with one of my favorite persons in the whole world. JAMES!
Once again we went to Starbucks and had some lovely frappe’s and panini’s. Talked about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! I think James learned that we weren’t really any different in real life than online.
After a lovely lunch we headed down to the Thames and the London EYE! Renate was pretty nervous hehe, but it was actually quite enjoyable. We had fun!
IMG_9529We weren’t ready to say goodbye yet, and we’d tempted James two night earlier when texting him from the nordic bar. He is a man of our heart who loves swedish meatballs and kopparberg.
So we went there for tea, and it was very enjoyable. We even taught him some swedish, which is kinda strange since both me and Renate are Norwegian.
IMG_0116Then after about 30 min of randomness, some reenactments of Wicked and hugs, it was time to say goodbye to James, and for us to turn our noses north towards Wolverhampton and just like that we were home again!
it was Epic in every way, and well I hope we’ll go back again next year maybe, see more musicals and stuff.

Keep an eye on Renate’s photography blog, I’m sure there’ll be some lovely photos from London on there eventually.

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9 thoughts on “London was WICKED!

  1. ååå! eg savne så london når eg lese detta!
    kjekt dokke hadde ein fine tur 😀

  2. lolinonnon

    Å lese detta fikk meg til å glede meg ennå mer til jeg skal til London!^^ Høres ut som dere hadde det drit gøy 😀

  3. Så koselig! Høres ut som dere storkosa dere der borte 🙂 Jeg savner London!

  4. Va herrrrligt!

  5. It was so lovely seeing you guys again! We have to do it again = ) ❤

  6. Oh and those shoes really are stunning. Shame they’re so much!

  7. aah, så flott at dere kosa dere 😀 i miss london!

  8. åååh, London! ❤ HELDIG 🙂

  9. Åhh, helt ærlig, så ble innlegget litt for langt å lese for meg nå 🙂 Men jeg skjønner du har kost deg i London, for det er digg å bare være der syns jeg. Og det uten å gjøre en damn shit!!

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