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2år er ganske lenge

der fløy tiden gitt og jeg har ikke skrevet noen ting på over 2 år. Det er som overskriften sier ganske lenge det.

jeg har vel strengt talt ikke hatt all verden å skrive om heller, fordi ingenting har egentlig endret seg så veldig i livet mitt.

jeg har fortsatt altfor dårlig tid, går fortsatt på barnehagelærerutdanninga, bare at jeg nå har flydd av sted og skal snart avslutte 3. Av 4 år. Så det nærmer seg lyset i tunnelen nå. Det er deilig å vite. Da skal jeg endelig få mer tid der jeg trives aller best, i barnehagen.

Jeg jobber også fortsatt deltid på Elixia Carl Berner, og kan veldig gjerne hjelpe deg med et medlemskap eller passe kid´n din etc. Det var faktisk en kollega av meg der som nevnte at hun hadde kommet over denne bloggen og gjorde meg oppmerksom på at åja, jeg har prøvd å blogge jeg ja. Så jeg bestemte meg for å hive ut et innlegg da, men om det kommer noen fler det vet jeg ikke.

Jeg har jo forøvrig også landa i 30åra nå, og føler meg som en gammel kjærring, neida.. Joda.. Neida. Det er ikke så ille. Jeg har fått et nydelig tantegull – bestis har verdens fineste lille gull.
og jeg har kost meg hele høsten som var med drama, musikk og forming på skolen og avslutta faget med veldig gode karakterer med verdens beste gruppe.

dagen idag har jeg vært noen timer på jobb, før jeg nå sitter å venter på at en deig skal heve så jeg kan bake ut kanelsnurrene mine. Det ligger en oppskrift her.

Så har jeg et arbeidskrav som ligger og venter, men å bake boller på en solskinnsdag synes jeg er viktigere prioritering.

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Is beautiful, you should go if you get the chance.

Prague by night

Found myself a friend

Prague in the daylight

a place where tourism doesn't seem to stop growing


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I can tell you what I’ve been plotting the last month.
I’ve only told a few because I wanted to make sure it went through before sharing it with all of you.
of course you facebookers might already know what I’m about to share.
As of thursday I’ll be a working woman.
100% permanent position as an assistant in a kindergarten..

OSLO... (not the Opera)

So I’m in a massive rush to get things sorted and packed, but finally something is going my way and I’m happy, nervous, excited, scared and stressed about it.
It’s also now less than 2 weeks till I go to England and exactly 2 weeks till my graduation. I love this feeling.

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I really don’t know.

Today is the day when I have to know, preferably before midnight.
I need to decide how my life is going to be, what do I want the most..

trouble is, i’m clueless, and no matter how many advice I get I still don’t know..
I’m going to end up sitting on my bum not knowing still at midnight.
at least nothing is definite before July 20th.. but still my list need to be prioritized by midnight, and this is a list that’s kept changing..
I’m worried i’ll end up with the wrong thing, or with nothing at all :S

oh i really.. REALLY don’t know..
At least I have a few hours at work to forget about it for a little while..

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perfect housewife?

These last two days i’ve been the perfect daughter who cooks dinner for her family after work.
This is also one of the reasons I haven’t caught up with blogs.. Will do now though..
yesterday’s meal was chicken,rice, salad and bernaise.. and today american caserolle from Toro was on the menu.. I don’t take photos while I cook so I don’t really have any to show you

american caserolle

Tomorrow I’m going to Monica’s for a sleepover and just to have a great time, with food, singstar and gossiping. Excited, as we both have two days off now to just hang out and have fun.

Now off to read the 70 bloglovin entries waiting for me.

P.s. I’ve been dying to try skyr, the new yoghurt thingy, eatable but not worth £1.50

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Morning y’all

or in my case it’s good night, it’s 7:30 am (more or less) and I just got home from my first night shift
(well it’s really the 2nd, but the first one on my own)
Had a lovely, quiet night, it’s nice when they’re all sleeping and don’t cause any trouble…
Just wanted to say a quick hello before I ventured into the land of nod, as I’m not a brilliant blogger these days..

I must also say I was surprised to see that so many of you preferred English over Norwegian on my blog.
And your wish is my command, I’m keeping my trademark English:)

I’ll try and come back and blog something proper later on when I haven’t been awake for 36 hours.
Have a nice day my lovelies, may you get a sunnier day than mine is so far.

a horrible image to show my tiredness 😛

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life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan…

Still not sure what language I will write in, as I am comfortable with English, but I know several of my readers would prefer Norwegian.
After all I have just finished a bachelor of Arts degree, in English literature, meaning that English comes quite naturally to me, but I know that is not for everyone. Yet I somehow like to think that the fact that I do write in English is sort of my trademark?

Anyway, a few of you have asked me what my plans are now and what kind of jobs I am looking for etc.
it is hard to say, right now I am looking for everything and anything, I need something to do as sitting home alone is well depressing, trust me I’ve tried it a few times.
Finishing my degree wasn’t quite how I expected it to be, 3 years ago I choose English because it was my favorite subject in school and I was good at it. It was easy and I was hoping that by the time those three years had passed I knew which direction I was heading in, where my life was going to take me.


Here I am three years older and just as clueless as that spring day I made the decision of going after my friend to new zealand.
some of you know I’ve studied one year in New Zealand as well, which was amazing.
then my decisions led me elsewhere, Wolverhampton, strange right?
Since I was a wee lass (little girl) my dream was to study in the UK, as a child the dream was becoming an actress, but that changed after doing drama in school. I still however wish I’d done a joint English degree, with drama or maybe Creative writing.
But what is done is done, and hopefully that goes for my bachelor too.
You see I have yet to get my dissertation grade (dissertation is very similar to the bachelor assignments you have to write in Norway when finishing. 10-12.000 words on a topic)

My point was that it was my childhood dream who took me away from the beautiful land down under to the not as beautiful but just as charming island in Europe.
I have loved and hated my 2 years here, I’ve had so many ups and downs here that I feel like a Yoyo.
my grades dropped drastically when I moved here, the course was a lot harder and making friends proved to be difficult when you’re doing the semesters backwards, everyone I started with graduated in september, but I will get to graduate with everyone I did my 2nd half of the course with this september (hopefully)

So what now?
to be completely honest, I have no idea, a job would be nice, but the aftermath of the creditcrunch is still upon us, might be lucky one day.
But untill then I will spend time at the gym and looking, there’s a friend of mine looking for work too, so I don’t feel as lonely in my quest. This weekend I am off to Leeds, with Ansa, I’ve never been so it should be heaps of fun.


to sum up my post, i am just a clueless of my next move as I was three years ago, but if everything fails here I do believe I will move home to Norway and start fresh with a new bachelor, the question is: Which area and what type of future do I want?
I feel too young to decide and I am 23, I don’t get how 16 year olds are able to make that choice when they start high school.

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Time flies..

when you’re having fun…
This summer sure has flown away from me, everything I wanted to do and planned to do has ended up being halfway done.
Sure I got to be a part of spelet, I’ve worked my butt off to earn some extra cash, I’ve tried to hang out with my friends.
but it is not enough… because no matter how hard I’ve tried, I’ve barely seen most of my friends this summer.
I’ve apologized so many times, and you know what I am done apologizing, I’ve tried so hard to balance it all, and heck I haven’t seen most of you trying just as hard to find time for me as I’ve tried to find time for everything.

Luckily I’ll see some of you this weekend, but not everyone..
But I am done feeling like I don’t have time anymore, because it’s not just up to me..

I am leaving in just about a week, and I am desperately trying to fit you all in along with work, so I hope you can try and fit me into your plans too.. all of you, because after the 25th you won’t see me untill new years eve probably.
Not that many of you ever read my blog, but it’s nice to have somewhere to rant

This week: Work, work, going to Namsos to see kikki, hopefully have a nice hangout with Monica, Renate and possibly Ida Kristine, pack, vote for the norwegian election, tidy and clean my bedroom, clean the house (because it would make my dad’s day) do some other left over housework, work during the weekend (my 4th weekend in a row),and try to find time to meet line as well.. oh and that party thing, where hopefully i’ll see as many friends as possible.
When I get to Wolves, I am gonna spend some time on myself I think, do something for myself and not try to please everyone else just for a little while..

sorry about that little rant, figured i’d do a quick blog before I went to bed. because I am so bored I was watching the election program on tv and actually started to find it slightly interesting.

Also, remember my comp, it closes on wednesday.

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I don’t update my blog too often do I?
Sorry, I just haven’t found the time..
Nor have I really felt like blogging..

I will be back soon tho.. when I get the time, work is overwhelming atm..

also I probably have to work my last weekend home, the weekend there’s a big party where åge is playing also, probably all my friends are going.. I can say no, but it doesn’t look like they have anyone else..  and i need the money.. i want the money, but I wanna party
I need to decide what I’m gonna do..

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Not so much anymore thank god!

This week have been weird, because instead of doing the very important essay I failed
(Yeah i know, me failed? what’s that about?)
I went swimming with Renate on monday, and yesterday we went to Lars for a BBQ, except I didn’t BBQ, I just watched and ate watermelon.
And the rest of the time i’ve been working. But today before work I sat down for several hours and worked my ass off with that stupid essay, and if i fail now I might just quit! (worst part is, I’m not even kidding).
And I am helping out at Kikki‘s sister’s wedding this weekend and was stressing out about getting there on time and then sleeping over and getting work on time sunday. Turns out I don’t have to be there till 6pm, and we’re not sleeping over either.
So it was a relieved Ida arriving at work, and best part is, we had a small BBQ, the oldies thought the hot dogs looked a bit strange, but one of them happily chewed away on her burger, me and Sandra even had a burger each, and then we enjoyed a small bowl of crisps each.
Arrived home and emailed the essay to David who so kindly said he would proofread and then my dad being the lovely angel of a dad, came and handed me an ice cold corona, my evening just got the perfect ending and the huge stress is lifted off my shoulders.

I love friday nights!

oh and Happy Birthday to my mum! 2 years away from the great 50.

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