Happy Birthday Beautiful <3

There’s a girl who’s very special to me, someone who’s been a big part of my life and heart for almost 5 years now.. (feels like million times longer)
Anyway this stunner is turning 22 today, a year ago I was busy planing a huge birthday party for her 21st, this year i hope this is enough to at least make her day a little bit special.


Døtta mi forever ❤

She’s funny, creative, outgoing and very special, so if you’re lucky enough to have in your life, never let her go.
As most friends do, we too have out ups and downs, but considering that more than half of our friendship has been spent worlds apart or at least in different countries, shows that if you want something to last it’s worth the fight, and US, is worth it! Always!
No matter where we are or who we are with, this princess will always be the one person who’s my best friend, she accepts me unconditionally, with all my faults and doubts and even though it might drive her nuts sometimes, she always puts up with me when i’m stupid. She has her own way of making me feel better when i’m sad and turn my frown upside down. I hope I manage to do at least a little bit of that for her as well.. even though she has more than one to that for her, as her lovely fella is taking good care of her over in the UK. I don’t like that I have to share, but since he’s such a charmer  suppose i’ll have to hehe.


So Renate, my unique, special, beautiful, crazy, cool,funny and all the other positive adjectives there is.. I hope you’re day will be brilliant, that Steven spoils you rotten to make you feel like the princess you are and I apologize I can’t be there to celebrate like we did last year. the best deserves the best.
Love you ❤ Always!

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10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Beautiful <3

  1. Awwwww. Happy Birthday to Renate! 🙂
    You guys are amazing. It feels like ages since I properly spoke to either of you 😦 I miss you both. xx

  2. Renate

    Awe skjønne du<3
    Skulle ønska du va her å feira me mæ, ette d såmmå utn dæ vett 😉

  3. Renate e herlig. Du og. Alle sammen er det 😀 Kjempefint innlegg av deg snuppa 😀

  4. så koselig innlegg! gratulerer med dagen til renate :)))

  5. Gratulerer så mye med overstått til Renate! =) Gorgeous entry ❤

    Answ.: Aw, really? Christian Ingebrigtsen? I really like his voice!
    Yeah, the movie was soo adorable. I'll probably watch it with No. voices too. 🙂

    Have a great weekend ❤

  6. aaaw så fint!

    / tusen tusen takk for alle kommentarane dine, snille søte du, eg blir hoppanes glad (ja faktisk) 😉

    og takk for at du retta på meg, hehe, avogte så vett eg skjegle eg 😉

  7. ja, det var et godt tips!
    har pc jeg da, så kanskje ikke såå “utsatt” for at det ikke vil passe… men skal ha det i tankene når vi kjøper kamera.

    HippHurra for Renate 😀
    Litt sent ute, meeeen… “bedre sent enn aldri” var det noen som sa 😉

  8. SV: Det liker jeg også. Tights, singlett under og en stor t-skjorte. Herlig 😀

  9. Så fantastisk innlegg 😀 God søndag 😀

  10. Åå, så fiint skrevet! Tippet hun ble glad nå da 😀
    Gratulerer så masse med dagen som var til henne!!

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