Win a personalized calendar

This is a competition for Norwegians primarily (or so I would think, to save AK postage abroad)
But I feel guilty if I post too many entries in a row in Norwegian hehe.
Don’t wanna disappoint my few foreign readers:P

Anyway, the lovely Astrid Katrine is hosting a competition to win a personalized calendar:

isn't it lush?

You can pretty much design it how you want with important dates, gym schedule, various layouts etc..
And if you don’t win, you can just order one yourself from personliga almanacka.
to be in the running of winning one, all you have to do is write an entry about the comptetition or follow Astrid Katrine on bloglovin, or both and you’ll get 2-5 tickets in the drawing of the calendar. Yupp, cause this girl has decided to make the result as fair as possible, meaning it’s quite random who wins, no favourism, just plain all picking a name out of a hat or a bowl, whatever she finds fitting hehe.
But the more tickets you have, the bigger chance of winning right?  and of course leave a comment on the actual entry letting her know how many times you get your name in the bowl.

(I’m glad she posted another entry, because I’d almost forgotten I was meant to write an entry as well, and the deadline is tomorrow)

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2 thoughts on “Win a personalized calendar

  1. haha:) takk for deltakelsen!:)
    koss har du det foresten?:)

  2. Aah, så synd jeg nettopp har fått min andre i posten! Hehe xD

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