Learn to fly

First of all I love you, everyone for every single word you’ve said to me lately.. so thank you.
Second, this is a song that i’ve loved forever, well since it came out in 2001.. that time with a1 (my teenage crush) but 2 years after it was released by runner up in australian idol Shannon Noll, and no matter how much I adore and love a1, Shannon does it brilliantly and the lyrics is pure poetry in my ears.. And it’s meant a lot to me for a long time and it still does, i’ve listened to i a lot lately, i was even singing my heart out to in the car last night almost missing my turn off on the road. Christian Ingebrigtsen said he wrote to be sort of an English version of “Du ska få en dag imårra” about not giving up even if it’s rough and keeping your chin up.

by: Christian Ingebrigtsen

When you feel the dream is over,
Feel the world is on your shoulders,
and you’ve lost the strength to carry on.
Even though the walls may crumble,
And you find you always stumble through,
Remember never to surrender to the dark.
Cos if you turn another page,
You will see that’s not the way, The story has to end.

If you need to find a way back,
Feel you’re on the wrong track,
Give it time, Learn to fly,
Tomorrow is a new day,
You will find you’re own way,
You’ll be stronger with each day that you cry,
Then you’ll learn to fly.
In you’re head so many questions,
The truth is your possession,
The answer lies within your heart.
You will see the doors are open,
If you only dare to hope and you,
Will find the way to fight the fears that kept you down.
Cos if you turn another page,
You will see that’s not the way,
The story has to end.


Looking at your situation,
There’s so much that you can do,
Now’s the time to make your stand.
This is just an observation,
In the end it’s up to you,
The future’s in your hands.


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8 thoughts on “Learn to fly

  1. Fiin sang! 😀

  2. Monica

    Fine sangen, spesielt der versjon der 🙂

  3. love that song

  4. Ntaw, sånne sanger er gode å ha! 🙂

  5. danislikeawesome

    Fantastisk fin sang da! 😀 Tror faktisk ikke jeg har hørt den før. :p

    Men duuu? Hvordan har det seg at du studerte i England? Var det gjennom en norsk skole eller var det noe spesiellt du gjorde? Kunne tenkt meg å gjøre noe liknende ;D

  6. ganske søt:) hihi

  7. danislikeawesome

    SV: Hehe, vel jeg veit ikke helt om jeg skal ha “word of the _week_” men jeg kan tenke meg at jeg kommer til å skrive om litt rare fakta og sånn. Jeg blei egentlig litt sjokka når jeg så ordet, og jeg prøver hele tiden å finne ut hvordan i alle dager jeg skal uttale det, men jeg klarer ikke finne ut helt hvordan. :p

    Tusen takk for et veldig gjennomført svar ang. studier i utlandet. Jeg har alltid hatt lyst å studere i utlandet, og tror nok jeg kommer til å benytte meg av sjansen dersom jeg finner et bra studie.

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