another weekend update..

As I wrote in my last post, my mum suddenly showed up at our door on friday.
After several days of driving from Norway. 3000 km each way.
She’s insane right? but it was such a great feeling seeing a familiar face..
and it was a good change from my normal weekends where i stare at my laptop and go to the gym.

So yeh friday, Did some minor shopping in Birmingham, h&m ❤
Hung out with my mum for a little while, then it was time to get prettyfied as usual and head out for good times with good friends. Time for a second time at cheekies, and I was praying it wouldn’t be as lame as last week. Not that it needed to improve a whole lot to achieve that hehe.
It was good, not brilliant, but good, it’s kinda sad that my favorite club has lost it’s spark..or maybe it is just me who’s getting too old for clubbing?
But IF this was my last time there, then I’m glad it was with fun, good people.

Saturday I took my mum to Primark, she liked primark, because primark is cheap, and she managed to spend a lot, which means she also bought a whole lot. Lunch at starbucks, yay and then home to mine for some packing and I made them lasagne 😛
Then I took them to a pub called Posada, which is like the only small, typical English looking pub we have here.

Sunday, was packing, filling up the car, eating some lovely dominoes pizza and just hanging out with my mum before they were off, then suddenly the weekend was over. I must admit, it’s been one of the best weekends i’ve had in a long time… I finally got a visitor, and it was the best sort of visitor as well, and i sent a lot of stuff home so packing everything will be easier..

Going home still scares me, but I really look forward to getting home, going back to work and actually spend my days doing things, seeing real people and not my tv show friends in greys anatomy, desperate housewives, supernatural etc… hehe.. Even if the things I hoped to be looking forward to isn’t happening, at least I have a brilliant summer job which I love and I will hopefully find some answers about what is going to happen next…

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10 thoughts on “another weekend update..

  1. Sv: Haha, jeg studerer jo til ingeniør, ikke samfunnsvitenskap. Så jeg tapte ikke med vilje, det var bare det at noen ikke holdt seg helt til reglene vi ble enige om 😀
    Det var skikkelige vanskelige spørsmål altså, amerikansk historie, naturvitenskap og geografi. Det var sport også da, men det var jo enkelt, haha!!

  2. du har jaffal hatt ei veldig fin helg:) blir nok godt å komma him ijen uansett:) og ja, du har nok ein veldig fin sommarjobb:)
    btw. eg har aldri vert på primark!

  3. Whooo hurra for mammaer!! 😀

    sv: takk, snuppi! enig i at det er vanskelig å få napp… hos noen BRA mener jeg.. eller, de bra er vel en sjeldenhet..

  4. I’m glad you’ve had a good weekend my dear 🙂

  5. That’s so amazing that she came all that way. It must have been a wonderful surprise! 3000km! Holy cow! I’m glad that your mum had a nice time, and that you did as well = )

  6. så fantastisk snill mamma du har! og så flott at du kosa deg 🙂

  7. så snilt av mamman din å komme på besøk 🙂
    søtt og snilt gjort ^^

  8. Snille, snille mamma’n din! 😀
    Koselig bilde og, digger strømpebuksen din! 😮 😀 Je vi’ ha ^^

  9. Høres ut som noen flotte dager med moren din 🙂

  10. Iiiiiida? Hvor har du kjøpt strømpebuksene dine egentlig? Fant noen lignende på topshop? Jeg digga dem skikkelig, finner ikke lignende her, alle er så– rare!

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