*Janice style*

Sorry it’s been quiet from me..
But I got a surprise visit from my mum on friday. She drove all the way from Norway to Wolverhampton just to help me move stuff home :O She’s insane, but very good insane.
So the weekend has been spent packing a lot and doing a little bit of shopping and sightseeing with her.

Can’t believe she came :O

They’re leaving soonish, so tomorrow i’ll be back on track with commenting and blogging

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10 thoughts on “OH MY GOD

  1. WOW! That must have taken them absolutely AGES!!! How many miles is that journey?? I always think it’s a mission when we drive to Scotland for holiday, but that is insane!

    …but like you said, a very good insane haha.

  2. Mammaer er gode å ha! Fint å høre fra deg i alle fall! 🙂

  3. Oj, så utrolig snill mamma! That’s how we like it! Tenker du ble overraska? Hihi ^^ 😀 Kos deg med de før du drar du, det har vi alle forståelse for!

  4. WOW! Det e sick! Så snill ho e! 😀

  5. Så koselig gjort da 🙂 Mamma kommer til meg til helga. Gleder meg masse!!

  6. Karina

    Awh, what a lovely surprise visit! Which route did she follow when driving from Norway to Wolverhampton?

    I just heard Janice say “Oh my god!”, from the episode where Rachel has Emma, and Janice has her son Aaron =)

  7. Så koselig! 😀
    Wow. KJØRTE fra Norge til Wolverhampton? :O Sniiiill mamma 😀

  8. saa utrolig arti d at du endelig fikk besoek, gaern mor di, men saant like vi 😀 Bli litt minnjer stress aa nu sku ae tru 🙂 du har vel kosa dae i helga me mor paa besoek 😀

  9. åå:D så utroligt fint:) det fortjente du:) hu e nok gla i deg hu mammen din:)

  10. Det e så koselig at dæm kom på besøk. Unna dæ det asså :):)

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