First blogpost challenge

The very lovely Gudrun Jona challenged me to post my first blog post and as I guessed it wasn’t very entertaining, but it’s still a fun challenge.

Here I am
posted: 12/10/2008

This is me..

and who am I you might ask..

The name is Ida, I often go by IdaPida, but by clicking on this blog you probably already knew that.

Like my best friend Renate I’ve decided to start up a second blog, mine also mainly english.

Not easy writing in norwegian when the keyboard is english. But now I’m on my way. I will try my best to keep both up, as I do know some people prefer reading in Norwegian.

I do not expect this one to be highly popular with loads of hits, because that is very unlike me, but hopefully it will be a place where friends and loved ones can keep up with my doings and such.

So with that i welcome you to my brand new blog!

No pictures, no entertaining quotes, nothing, but as you can see at that time I was using two blogs, sadly the one I used to have in Norwegian was deleted. then I checked my second entry,it was actually password protected, as I was terrified the person it was about came across it, but it shows how annoyed I was about my former housemate hehe.. that’s a bit more juicy so I’ll show you that one too..

10 things I hate about you
posted: 12/10/2008

i feel the need to blow out some steam, because I am getting pissed off, and i don’t like to be.

Hopefully you will never ever read this, because I don’t wanna be the one to cause problems.

Most of the time it’s ok, but I guess that is because I’m not someone to loudly speak up in situations like this..

Seeing as I must be the most annoying creature on the planet sometimes, you’re not perfect yourself.

1. I hate that you never flush properly

2. I hate that you never shut doors after you.. be closest or cupboards whatever..

3. I hate that you never dry up after yourself after having a shower

4. I hate that you wash clothes so often we can barely get to the machine, I dont have anything to wear anymore

5. I hate that you try to be in control of everything, making me feel worthless when it comes to things like the household money

6. I hate the fact that just cause you paid the bill(which we paid you back for later), you think you own the tv 24/7, we always budge for your wishes

7. I hate that you complain about our music, yet play your own loudly while singing falsely along

8. I hate that you never air out the kitchen after cooking something that smells

9. I hate the way you approach things and assume the worst all the time

10. I hate that you get grumpy when we have someone over, when you’re “Guy-Friend” spends the night several days a week (thanks Renate)

wow that felt good.!

luckily we didn’t have to suffer another year, but I guess it shows I wrote in English from the very beginning of my wordpress blog.
So I want to pass this challenge on to Astrid Katrine, James and Monica.

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11 thoughts on “First blogpost challenge

  1. ooo spennande challenge:)
    så løye å lesa ka ein sjøl har skreve:)

  2. Gleder meg til å følge din andre blogg også ^^
    Jeg synes det er likevel gøy å lese på engelsk da :DD

  3. Åå, dette var fint! Sjeldent de første postene er såå fine og gjennomtenkte! ❤ Koselig!

  4. klare ikje lese bloggposta som e gamle i:p blir så flau:p hahaha også får i lyst å redigere:p

  5. Skulle gjerne hatt mitt første innlegg, men jeg har jo byttet fra blogspot til ipublish og nå blogg, så det blir liksom ikke det samme. Ditt var jo kjempebra da, haha!!

  6. I remembered your first entry, actually =) Very nice..

    But through the entries you’ve written from then on has become so interesting and lovely, You are a very talented blogger!

    Answ.: Taco is a very social dish – asking everyone to pass the different ingredients 😉

    Yeah, that tip has worked so well for me, so if tears while onion cutting is a problem for you, I can certainly recommend it.

    Love ♥

  7. Så gøy utfordring da 😀

  8. du har fått et bloggsmil<3:)

  9. Cool, i remember these, and omg how i DON’T miss her!

  10. Så moro å se de igjen 🙂 Tror alle sin første post er en liten introduksjon. 😉 Haha, huff, jeg husker alt det styret med hun ja.. Jeg er glad dere er kvitt henne!

    Men skal jeg ta den første posten på min forrige blogg da kanskje? Det er ikke lenge siden jeg startet den nye sååå.. 😉

  11. Ohh I like this challenge! I think I remember reading the flatmate blog, so you must have given me your password! haha.

    …I think, seeing as I haven’t been blogging all that long, that I’ll post the blog I first wrote on Myspace all those years ago! haha

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