So here I am walking around birmingham new street station after just being offered a job with arcedia direct.

Normally someone would jump with joy to get accepted for an opportunity like this. If I take it I can wave goodbye to summer in Norway. However if I within 6 months make a name for myself within the company I could earn enough to go home often. It is actually more a trainee program towards eventually be qualified to become a manager, so I got to be willing to see this as my career to succeed.. Do I see that?

if the reaction to an offer is uncertainty and just wanting to cry in frustration because the offer came now and not 4 months ago or in 4 months time… That probably means I want something else doesn’t it? Even if I don’t know what…

I need to make a choice now, today.

edit: I said no! after consulting with my best friend and my dad.

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11 thoughts on “Job

  1. gossipelise

    oh wow.
    to be honest i wish i could help you decide what to say. i suppose the best thing to do is to sit down and think about it, then go with what your heart wants.
    go for what you think is best for you and only you, no-one else.
    hope you figure out what you are going to do soon

  2. you can’t say yes now, and then say bye later? 🙂

  3. Wow, this seems like a difficult decision :S
    I really hpe you manage to make the best decision for yourself…

  4. vell, i meine du burde ta den, for markede e såpass tøfft no at man nesten må hoppe i d om man får et så bra tilbud:D:D Norge kan vente vettu;)

  5. Just go with what you feel is right for you in this place and time of your life. Imagine you working there compared to going home working and spending the summer at home, which thought makes you happier?

  6. Oj, det er jo naiiis! Hvis det er det du vil da.. Men som en eller annen nevnte; du har jo alltids en mulighet til å slutte der! Prøv noe nytt kanskje? 😀

  7. Do it! 😀

  8. If your heart wasn’t in it, then you’ve made absolutely the right decision. Everything is about timing, and if the timing isn’t right, then neither is the opportunity. There will be plenty more chances that come along at better times. ❤

  9. Kanskje litt seint nå, men hvis du tenker tilbake (ikke så langt, bare her om dagen), da humøret var på bunn av diverse grunner. Flere av disse grunnene var fordi du ikke hadde jobb. Nå som muligheten byr seg, så si ja.
    Norge ligger her, vennene har du, familien har du, jobben har du ikke. Ikke vær dum å tenk bare fire måneder frem, tenk litt lengre 🙂 (ikke stygt ment asså).
    Men jeg er sikker på at du velger riktig uansett hva jeg sier 🙂

  10. ok:)det va nok det retta valget:) du hadde to gode rådgiverar:) ❤

  11. Hmm, jeg ble veldig tankefull av å lese dette. Ser at du har valgt allerede nå, og håper du er fornøyd med valget ditt 🙂 Som du sier, om man blir veldig frustrert og usikker så er det kanskje ikke det riktige akkurat nå. Det viktigste er jo at du gjør det som er riktig for deg! Det kommer garantert flere sjanser senere 🙂

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