lots of love and stuff..

Yeh I couldn’t come up with a title that fit nicely enough..
I just felt like doing an entry today as I haven’t updated since saturday and even that was a lame entry with just some pictures.
I’ve been thinking about maybe posting another story for you guys, but I’m not sure which one yet.
I mean you gave me such nice feedback before when I shared some of my work..

Today it’s gym day, back at body pump, I haven’t been to that class in about a month now, so it is about time.. went climbing yesterday though, I think I’m getting a little bit better at it, maybe..

so just to complete this entry of random nonesense, here’s a draft of something I wrote ages ago, that never went anywhere, but I kinda like it and maybe i’ll be able to use it for something soon.. and yes it started as idea of a mcfly standalone, so it’s written from a man’s point of view, it has nothing to do with me, even if I can sometime relate to the feeling, it is not a portrayal of my emotions.

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There is nothing more beautiful than giving yourself away completely to someone because your love is unbreakable.
To be alone with your certain someone, and feel like nothing can ever ruin such a perfect moment, where both of you gaze into each other souls and without even touching you melt into one person.
How the idea of whole is only made up by the two of you wrapped up together in a perfect moment. It is almost as if you can hear the soundtrack of your movie as you and your lover share intimate kisses and hold each other close.
Then you open your eyes and see the credits of the movie you were actually watching roll away on the tv screen in front of you, and the perfect partner is no longer there with you.
Welcome to the story of my life.
I am the lost cause, the one without hope, the loner, I can go by many names.
The only love I have in my life is my music and it is the reason for getting up every morning.
It is painful to watch everyone around you get their happily ever afters, while all you are left with are the cravings for a forever yours. My friends keep telling me, “Chill, it will happen for you too,” somehow I think they are fooling themselves more than they’re fooling me.
But I just nod and agree, maybe laugh at the right places, hiding how much the jealousy of their perfect lives are eating me up slowly on the inside.
It is making me feel like a bitter old man, for every year I remain single, the deeper I fall into a black hole, mainly because I am lonely I think.
Maybe I am becoming too critical? I mean it is not like there has not been offers, being in a band has its perks, and ladies happens to be one of them.
Not that I sleep around either, that is not the type of guy I wanna be, but a few no strings attached has never hurt anyone.

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17 thoughts on “lots of love and stuff..

  1. så fint det va Ida:) due flinke:)

  2. så utrolig fint det var den teksten der, elsket den!

  3. Flinka mi ^^

  4. Er ikke så veldig lyrisk av meg, så jeg blir veldig imponert når “vanlige” mennesker skriver dikt og historier. Så med andre ord, jeg syns du er flink 🙂

  5. awweee! Du e så flink!

  6. Love it! Jeg ville lese mer jeg, og så var det ingenting!

    Bring it Ida, you’re so great!!! x

  7. Ohhh I like it!

    Speaking of stories… do you and Renate plan on finishing yours? Or is it already and I’m just being stupid and forgetful?

  8. one chapter left to be written, but renate hasn’t finished it yet..
    its not up to date anywhere tho

  9. Ida, d e d æ sei, du e så sinnsykt flink at d e sykt! Æ fatte itj kolles du klare d æ.. Men d va dritfint 🙂

  10. awwh, du er flink! Jeg fikk lyst til å lese mer!

  11. Blimey, it’s like you have a window into my world! (apart from the being in a band bit!hehe 😉
    anyway, very well written and insightful 🙂


  12. Det hørtes ut som et spennende prosjekt, og det hadde vært artig å få være en del av det. Å få en oversikt over slike blogger ville vært genialt. Flott at du tar intiativ, og det var en bra ide.

  13. no problem:)
    kjekt å hørra at eg har fått deg te å undersøka det mer jaffal!:)

  14. SV: Har jo den eine med stjernetegn og fødselsdato på underarma, men skal ha dei nye heilt nede på håndledde. Rett før handa begynn… Men blir vel ikkje vondt, meir som ubehagelig:)

  15. Jeg digger titler (overskrifter? hva pokker heter det?) med ordet “stuff” i seg. Man, body pump høres griseslitsomt ut, du er flink som står på! Heia og alt det der! 😉

    Enig med de over her, det var veldig fint, en fikk lyst til å lese mer, so keep it coming!

  16. Sv: Slemme Boom ja 🙂 Er litt spent ja. De gjør seg egentlig ikke for allmennheten. Man skal helst sitte sammen med spesielt interesserte på lørdagskveldene med sånt:-) Så da vet du hva jeg gjør i helgene, haha!!
    Den første oppgava hadde vi på prøve for et par uker siden faktisk, og den andre er bare noe piss som vi lærte første dag omtrent 🙂 Den er jo ikke så vanskelig da, haha!!

  17. fint:) Flink du e:)

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