The Tv-series wishlist

Yeh I know this wishlist thing was meant to be like a weekly thing but I kinda keep forgetting, but this week I’ve decided to do a tv-series wishlist. You can find cheap dvds and series at websites such as hmv, amazon and play to mention as few. And for scandinavians Cdon is a good option too.

Buffy the vampire slayer 1-7

criminal minds 1-4

Ghost Whisperer 3 and 4

Heroes 1-3

The Mentalist season 1

the 4400 season 2-4

lost season 4 and 5

There’s a few more but most of these are either my favorite series or series i’ve already started collecting..

Edit: I’d just like to add that Marius has told me that play doesn’t charge for shipping, so scandinavian’s can actually do some cheap shopping on there.

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10 thoughts on “The Tv-series wishlist

  1. Ahhh, I could write a list a mile long for this! lol
    but out of yours, The Mentalist is my fave.

    Definately also reccommend;
    The West Wing
    True Blood
    CSI (vegas)

  2. Har du sett The 4400? Trodde jeg var den eneste som fulgte med på den serien, men den slutta jo bare brått…

    Det er forresten lov til å ikke være helt objektiv når det er noen man kjenner ;)Hehe…

  3. Oi, her var det mange jeg ikke har sett enda! Noterer dem jeg.;)

  4. Buffy! Hahahaha… Neida, jeg ler ikke! 😉

  5. Hey. Found your blog through
    I’d just like to add that is better than CDON, because Play doesn’t charge anything for shipping. Also, a lot of British dvd releases have Norwegian subtitles nowadays.

  6. ..and Swedish and Danish too..

  7. criminal minds<3<3
    den ant nederste har eg aldri hørt om! ka handle den om?

  8. Ser ut som du er sånn serie-digger?? Det var jo et par gode der da, så jeg skjønner deg godt 🙂

  9. I’ve not seen any of those! What a bad TV watcher I am!

  10. Oooh masse flott som hadde tatt seg godt ut i DVD hyllene våre 😀

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