The future is..

  • Scary
  • Unknown
  • Exciting

The list could probably go on forever..Because it is scary to grow up not knowing where your life will lead you next. But on the other hand it is exciting because you are starting a brand new chapter..

I’ve already written about my ambition to study physiotherapy, either in Trondheim or Oslo.
I have more security with moving to Oslo, but recent events have made Trondheim appeal to me in a very different way, and sadly that is all I can say on that matter right now.. Also importantly Trondheim is only 1 1/2 hour away on the train from my friends back home.

However, after participating at the Ansa UK annual meeting, I slowly realised how much studying abroad has meant and always will mean to me. I’m struggling with accepting that this might not be happening for me again, that my time in my “new home” is limited to about 3 more months and then it’s over. It probably scare me way more than it should, the thought of moving back to Norway and readjust myself into a now new society. I don’t know how to live in Norway. Call me silly, but a part of me will always belong to Wolverhampton and a part of me will always belong to Auckland, is there enough left of me to fit in in a Norwegian student society in Norway?

I’ve found several schools abroad that offer physiotherapy of course, I mean being who I am, I’m bound to do some research, the big question is, the financing, I don’t think I could or should allow myself to double my already massive student loan, trying to forget that a little while though as I did some research and found three universities abroad that appealed more to me than any other..

In Australia, which would be a brand new country (for me), I found Queensland University of Technology. and they offer something more than just physiotherapy, it is called a bachelor of exercise and movement science and it is only 3 years.

Then there’s AUT in New Zealand, my old university, in the city I miss, with people I miss.
And it is renowned to be one of the most advanced degrees in the world, and there’s a shortage of physiotherapists in New Zealand. However like most UK physio degrees it is 4 years, 4 expensive years.

In the UK I’ve found a couple, for example the University of East London, it offers a 3 years course, and probably 1 year of practice like in Norway. And there’s Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, where the lovely Astrid lives, and I already know someone halfway through his degree there.

As I’ve mentioned the money is probably the biggest issue here.. I’ve looked at Kilroy Education and they suggest something called Study Abroad, which is 1-2 semesters abroad, so maybe if I get accepted here in Norway it would be a good thing to try and negotiate, and maybe I can go almost anywhere I want to in the world, even if it is just for another 6 months.. that will probably end up being my lifeline..

anyway, I am not going to bore you anymore, I don’t blame you if you didn’t actually read the whole thing either, lots of text and no picture, not the ideal blog entry.
But these are some of the things that keep clogging up my mind and they needed to come out somewhere.

It would also help if any of you are sitting on similar experiences, if you have dealt with facing something you didn’t feel ready for, or if you have actually dealt with the same situation where you are moving back after a long time away and are worried about fitting in again.

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13 thoughts on “The future is..

  1. eg sunes det va interresant å lesa eg:)
    du har jo mange muligheter, men e jo det at det e dyrt å studera utelands… men forstår at du vil helst det:)

  2. Jeg skjønner at norge kan høres litt skummelt ut nå som du har studert så mye i utlandet, men vi er veldig alright’e 😀
    Men ja, penger er ofte en brems. Men er det noe du viiiiirkelig vil så ordner det seg nok.

    Vanskelige valg.

  3. A lot to think about, but I’m sure no matter what you end up doing, no matter where you end up going, you’ll enjoy it. You will have a great time, with other people, new people, exciting people. You’ll have so many memories of so many different things, a rich life, maybe not financial, but at least with experiences!

  4. Må bare si meg helt enig med det Renate og de andre sier… Jeg skulle ønske at jeg jobbet mer på videregående, for det er derfor jeg sitter sånn i bakleksa nå. Men jeg har fått masse støtte på at det er viktig å tenke seg godt om og se fremover på alt det gode en har i vente – pluss sette pris på alt en har fått opplevd så langt. Du har så utrolig mange gode kvaliteter ved deg, Ida, men jeg skjønner veldig godt at tanken på det ukjente kan være fæl.

    Absolutt ikke kjedelig å lese. Penger er noe en trenger for å komme seg fremover i livet, men det er viktig å fokusere på å vokse som menneske, og oppleve nye ting som gir deg mer enn hva økonomiske verdier kan gi deg. Noe som Renate allerede har sagt noe om. 🙂

    Lykke til med alle mulige valg!

    Og kommer du til Norge for å starte opp et studium her, kan du være sikker på at jeg skal jobbe hardt for å få hilse på.

    Skjønner godt at du helst vil studere i utlandet, jeg. Hadde det bare vært litt enklere, rent finansielt sett.

  5. aaw, Ida da… Lånene du har må du ikke tenke på, bruk hjertet ditt og velg det som er rett for deg ❤ Jeg savner deg som sagt ufattelig masse så om du hadde begynt å studert i Norge igjen hadde jeg blitt ufattelig glad, men vi alle veit du elsker utlandet, det er der du er DEG!
    Jeg er alltid her for deg om det blir for mye å tenke på snuppa ❤

  6. Probably already covered in comments above, but I’ve not read them yet (will refer to google soon)
    Anyway, is Norway not really expensive at the moment? and so would it not be more cost effective to continue to study outside of Norway?
    (read somewhere about Oslo being voted the most expensive city in the world recently!?)

    Have you thought about America? (I have a Norwegian friend who studied in Boston – and actually ended up staying afterwards!)
    There is meant to be a strong Norwegian presence in the USA so you would still be able to enjoy some aspects of home (foodstuffs etc.) but I do understand the preference of going somewhere where you already have friends/family)


  7. Det er viktig å få ut tankene, uansett hva det er. Om jeg leste hele?? Ja. Om jeg kan hjelpe deg?? Nei.
    Jeg har bare gått på skolen som ligger maks 30 min hjemmefra, så jeg kan nok ikke skryte på meg erfaringer der 🙂 Følg hjerte og magen.

  8. Sofie

    I have no experience in this, but I do believe that if you want to go abroad again, to a place you haven’t been before, you should do it now. If you don’t, you might regret it later on. (I will ALWAYS regret not going to the UK for a year on the Erasmus program. Now it’s too late for me and I deeply regret not doing anything adventurous like you have!) 🙂

    On the other hand, I’m sure you’ll fit right back in if you decide to go back to Norway. As you want to study physiotherapy then, I’m sure it’s a whole new adventure that will be as exciting as the NZ and UK one. 😉

    I can relate to the being away from home part. I’ve spent 6 years on the other side of the country. I know that’s not the same as spending years in a different country, but I must admit that is was so nice to come home and spend time in all the places I knew from before.

    Wherever you decide to go, we must meet up again this year! 😀


  9. There are quite a few people that I’ve met at my university who study in their home country and then go and stufy for a term in another country. I think, from what I know of you, that you’re a bit of an adventurer. From your life and education so far you’ve obviously gone to many different places.

    Obviously, here in the UK we’d be very happy to have you! haha. But I also know how much you adored your time in NZ, and I don’t blame you, as I’ve always wanted to go there.

    Whatever you end up doing I’m sure that you’ll have the most amazing time.

  10. gossipelise

    No similar experience for me but my advice to you (apart from begging you to go to the Queensland one so I can fly up there and see you all the time) would be

    Do what feels right. Sit down and look at everything with a clear mind (easier said than done I know) and ask yourself honestly what feels right (not what IS right) what choice makes you feel good/happy/excited etc

    Whatever feels right would be my choice, although with the money issue it’s a bit tougher I know (im babbling)

    The UK and NZ will always have a part of you and you a part of them because you were there for so long and loved it so much 🙂

    Personally I would choose to study in Norway and look in to doing the 1-2 semesters abroad 🙂

    Whatever you decide as long as you’re hapy that is all that matters 🙂

    I love you!


  11. awe, ida.. lille meg på snart 17 år kan nok ikke hjelpe deg mye, spesielt ikke når det kommer til erfaringer – men jeg vil si som mange før meg har sagt: følg hjertet! skjønner godt at du vil fortsette å studere i utlandet, men jeg er også veldig sikker på at du ikke kommer til å få problemer med å passe inn i et norsk studentmiljø 🙂 uansett hva du ender på, er jeg 100% sikker på at du kommer til å treffe mange nye, spennende og flotte folk – som alle ønsker å bli kjent med deg 🙂

    det ordner seg for snille jenter!

  12. høres ut som at du har planer værtfall da, det er jo bra 😀

  13. aslong as you’re happy im happy. But I kinda hope you come here ❤

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