Astrid Katrine posted a lovely challenge earlier and I finally decided to sit down and do it. She asked us to write about someone in our family that was important to us, because family is one of the most important things you have in life.

When I saw it I instantly knew who I was writing about, but I also knew it would be a difficult entry to write so I just needed a little time to get my head around it.
Because my granddad has and always will be a very special person to me.

this is him and my nan

It’s been 10 years in May, it feels like yesterday when I last saw him, hugged and just smelled him. Because my granddad he smelled like a granddad should, not bad.. just granddad. He’s always lived down in Sandefjord, so I’ve never really seen him more than a couple of times a year, but those times are what I treasure most of all.
I have so many fond memories of summers at the cabin down by the sea.
With the entire family on my dad’s side gathered.. we went out fishing in their boat we had bbq’s and all kinds of get-together’s during the summer.

perfect childhood summers

He was an amazing person, always happy, always singing. There’s certain songs that will always remind me of him. How he would fall asleep in his chair while doing crosswords or something, and also since i’ve always been so short i remember how tall I thought he was and tanned.. my granddad was tanned all year round, in my memory anyway.

So the 9th of may 2000, will always be the day when time stood still for a little while, how my cheery self returning from gymnastics practice turned into a sobbing pile in my dad’s embrace.
I miss him every single day, I miss his singing, his smiles.
There’s so much in my life that he never got to see or never will get to see.
He never made it to my confirmation, he never got to see his little idamor move to new zealand, to see me grow up and become who I am today.
He will never get to see me fall in love, potentially getting married, he will never see his greatgrandchildren..
But what makes me the most sad is that I am not going to see him again..
(at least not for a very long time)

Ælske dæ farfar ❤

28.11.1919 - 09.05.2000

I don’t know who to pass the challenge on to, so I’ll just say that if you have someone in your family that you want to write about someone who is extra special to you, I hope you take this challenge and make a post that will praise this special someone.

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19 thoughts on “Farfar

  1. så utroligt kosligt innlegg:)

  2. Kikki

    awww, what a beautiful entry my dear! made me go all teary… *luv ya hun*

  3. Så nydelig innlegg, nå sitter jeg med tårer i øynene.

    sv: ganske kjipt med de fatene ja, 500kr er jo mye. men de har mye fint på den butikken så jeg får vel alltids kjøpt noe der. Rekvisita til en fotoshoot eller en bursdagsgave 😛

  4. awww, utrolig rørende.. forhåpentligvis møter du han igjen en gang, det håper jeg virkelig 🙂

  5. Vet ikke helt hva jeg skal si. Koselig, men samtidig trist.

  6. Katrine

    He would be so proud of his little world explorer, I’m sure!

  7. aw, familie er så utrolig viktig! 🙂

  8. What a lovely blog entry 🙂

  9. I’m sure he is watching you, Ida – and smiling, still.
    A moving entry that makes me want to appreciate the ones I love – both near and far.

    I tried calling you, but I think it may have been «too late» – that you’d come to Scotland, I mean. (I’ll have to put a different code after then, or am I wrong?).

    Thank you for being there – no matter how far away we may be.

  10. * Code after then.
    * Far away from eachother.

  11. Excuse me, but why won’t the plus sign from iPhone show itself in the commentary? Hah. I just have to wonder ^^,

    Enjoy the Scottish hospitality, humour and charisma; I’d love to be over there right now, and not over here, getting ready for work from 8-1515. But earning money may be the only way to someday travel there! *Positive thinking, yeah! :-)*.

    From me.

  12. Ida, du fikk mæ t å grin! 😦
    Så fint skrivvi, d høres ut som han virkeli betydd my for dæ!

  13. Aaaw..! Så trist, men fint! Utrolig nydelig skrevet. Skjønner han var en viktig person for deg. Så flott at du skrev et slikt innlegg til ære for han. Han ser det sikkert ❤

  14. ❤ fint

  15. This is lovely Ida. I’m sure that he would be so proud of you.

  16. I text you this, but I’m not sure I have your number down properly, so I’ll ask on here = ) How did you put the song in the entry?

  17. Totally worked it out for myself. Sorry for pestering!

  18. (I'm sleeping now).

  19. gratulera så mye med øvestått Ida:D og du, eg har kje glømt deg, tiå bara gikk litt fortare enn forventa:P

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