Even more answers..

Since I write my blogs in English and a few of my lovely readers have said they don’t squeal with joy when the entries go on for miles, I decided not to post all my answers to all the brilliant questions in one go.  I hope you enjoy these as much as the last ones.

First up Astrid Katrine had some questions, she is also one of the readers who has followed me the longest, so it made me extra excited when I saw her questions.

If you could live anywhere in the world, which city would you live in right now?

At this very moment when answering this, Auckland, because I miss is heaps, and I miss my friends there.
It is such a lovely city in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
But in general I really have no idea, there’s so many places i’d love to try you know..
but yeh as I am typing this it must be my dear Auckland.. the city of sails in the land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa.

What are your biggest realistic and unrealistic wishes?

Unrealistic hmmm, maybe live my childhood dream as a world famous actress
living in a flash hollywood house with money.
And my realistic wish, it’s kinda cliché, but meeting mr. right wouldn’t be too bad.
then again that might count as unrealistic as well, since he doesn’t seem to excist..

Would you wanna meet me? (hihi)

of course 🙂

What food, that isn’t delivered on the door/take out, do you wish could be?

hmm, løvbiff hihi, because we don’t have leaf steak here in wolverhampton,
or the chicken curry baguett they used to have at JB’n, because that has been closed down..
other than that, hmmm.. something they really wouldn’t deliver,
maybe like those proper meals like meatballs or salmon or stuff like that,
those meals I am always too lazy to cook myself

Do you have any more thoughts on your future yet?

I think I have settled on studying physiotherapy
but I haven’t completely ruled out nursing or nursery school teaching either.

Next up is Katrine, and I must admit, they were actually kinda difficult to answer. It is hard to choose one among two loves;)

Who will win American Idol season 9?

No idea, I haven’t watched it. But I’m pretty sure people wouldn’t be pleased anway, cause they never are.
Preferably it will be your favorite though, since that would make you happy.

Jacob Potter or Sirius Black?

Ooooh, this is difficult, I think I have to go with Sirius tho. Padfoot ❤

Remus Lupin or Rubeus Hagrid?

I really love Hagrid, but it has to be Remus.

NO  CHEATING AND I TRUST YOU! How’s your geography knowledge? What is the 2nd biggest State in America? Montana?California or Texas?

OMG, I don’t even know which one is the biggest one haha.. Texas?

Melkesjokolade or kvikk lunsj?

This one is easy at least! KVIKK LUNSJ ❤

If you were to get a dog, which kind would be best suited for you?

i’m no breed expert, but i’m going to be boring and say golden retriever,
cause they’re adorable and I was good friends with one of my classmates golden retriever when I was young,
but if I were to get a dog, which I hope I do sometime in the future,
I probably would look a bit more into it and get a better idea of what would fit me.

Wolf or bobcat (gaupe)?

Wolf, because they’re beautiful

Dougie or Danny (Mcfly) ?

Dougie, he’s more likable.

Mcfly anno 2005 or 2008?

08, I love my boys old school too, but I prefer them more manly and more grownup!

Guitar or Piano?

I’m better at piano. But I have a goal of learning to play the guitar, so guitar it is!

I also had a question coming in from twitter, by the lovely Erika.

if you could decide who goes to heaven and who goes to hell, who would be the first two people to send each place and why?

I don’t think I would have the heart to send people to hell..
I suppose if it could be anyone in the entire world people like osama bin laden deserves hell..
and people who abuse,rape and kill children.. but I cannot really say specific names..
As for heaven, I know too many good people to even choose just two..
I am very glad these are not my decisions to make in real life hehe.

One of my newer readers, S-dee also had a few questions for me.

Do you have a favorite blogger?

oh it is difficult to pick just one, I used to love Adrianne’s posts, she was blogging anonoumously about very important topics, but for the last two months Ida has become a favorite, I also love Astrid Katrine’s pictures, James humour and of course Renate, even if we live under the same roof she always manages to entertain me.  Oh and of course Stine with her picture blog deserves to be mentioned and she definitely deserves more appreciation.

What do you love about blogging?

finding new blogs, and getting new friends,
also when I get those amazing comments that make me grin like a fool for hours, sometimes even days.
But just expanding my circle of blog friends is amazing.

Are you a student? subject?

I have just finished a bachelor of English, meaning I’ve read a bunch of books I hated,
a bunch of books that surprised me, and a few books I quite liked,
written tons of essays and just in general learned a lot about English.
Now I’m done for a few months and then we will see where the road of education leads me next,
as I’ve already specified  I do hope it will lead toward physiotherapy.

Even my best friend Renate, who knows me better than anyone else has a few things she wants to know.

Matthew Gray Gubler, Harry Judd or Ben Barnes, if they all asked you out and you could only say yes to one of them, who?

Tough choice between Gubler and Barnes. I think I have to say that Gubler is my man, I mean we would make an adorable couple right?

Asda or New Look?

Now that’s a tougher choice, I spend more time and money in Asda, so new look, it’s safer haha

Mamma or Pappa?

Hmm, that’s a though question, I love your parents equally, because they are both very good to me.

Din mamma or din pappa?

I’m a daddy’s girl! I love my mum, but I’m really such a daddy’s girl

Shoes or clothes?


Cat or dog?

I have a cat, but DOG

Beer or vine?


Books or movies?

Books, unless the movie is brilliant.. which they in some cases are, I am just unable to think of an example right now.

Photography or filming?


Wolverhampton or Verdal?

Both very good in different ways but I guess I have to say Wolvo 😉

Nerds or bad boys?

Nerds are my thing..

I recieved so much more questions than I’d expected, and someone who snuck in at the last minute were James, with these questions.

In an ideal world, who would be your man?

If I were to choose someone famous, it would be my man above here, matthew..He’s my biggest celebrity crush and probably a celeb that I could go starstruck before. (Did you think I’d choose Judd?)

What has been your favourite part about living in England, and what has been your least favourite?

My favorite is probably all the lovely people I’ve met here, and my long time friends that I’ve finally been able to meet, like yourself. It is cheap, and there’s a lot to see and it is easy to travel to the big cities to experience big city life and then it is even better to return to the comfort of tiny wolverhampton.
Least favorite has probably been all the finance hassle with uni, they always seem to demand extra money off me, and well I wouldn’t say my last semester were that pleasant either with so much uniwork I could barely see the end of it.
Almost felt like I was loosing track of life for a moment:P

If you won £1 million what would be the first thing you would do? Who would you tell, and what would you buy first?

I’d go clothes shopping with Renate, who of course would be the first to know, we’d pamper ourselves, and then I’d treat her and my friend to a night out on me. Then to feel good about it all I’d save the rest…

What is 987 multiplied by 17? And in what way is the resulting number related to asparagus? (I ran out of coherant questions that hadn’t already been asked haha)

16,779 and the relation is that this is the number of asparaguses were consumed by brits during one year of the world war 1, they were not too fond of them you see, so they stopped eating them after one year. Now it has come back into fashion and can probably used in 16,779 reciepies, but don’t trust me on that as I am not a chef I am a person who is quite full of bullshit.

I also got a reminder that people back home in Verdal still keep themselves updated on my life through Ida Kristine’s questions.

How do you want a potential boyfriend to be like?

Kind, caring, a bit romantic, spontanious.. but most of all I want him to love me for who I am with all my faults and all my insecurities, to make me feel perfect when I need to hear it. And he also needs to be able to handle me complimenting him once in a while.

How was life in New Zealand and do you miss it?

I miss it every day, because it was a year that I will always cherish, with people i will never forget.
The Kiwi’s aren’t stressful people, they are including, the university was so friendly and open, the lecturers were much more approachable. it was almost like another world, a bubble which I lived in for 10 months.

Which do you prefer? England or New Zealand?

I cannot choose, because it is two so different cultures, societies, worlds..

If you could do anything you wanted for free, what would you do?

Gone to space? can’t you see how brilliant I would be? it’s like a was meant to be one.

nah, but seriously, it would’ve been an amazing experience.. but I think to be a bit more realistic..
I’d say go to the harry potter world in Disney World.
Yes some people may say I am a bit harry potter obsessed.. do you agree?

yes it is real, I got it January 2009

Lastly, do you miss me as much as I miss you?

of course babe 🙂

It also makes me happy when brand new readers, such as Bente has questions for me.

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?

almost every day is a day off to me at the moment, but I very much enjoy starting the day with a lie in and then a long nice breakfast, my new addiction is dutch crispcakes and vanilla light yoghurt.
I also enjoy going to the gym, or reading. I have almost finished Time Traveler’s Wife now and I am ready to embark on Wicked!

How does your dream house look?

oh this isn’t something I’ve thought too much about before, so it’s a very interesting question.
I want it to be a bit old fashioned, with cute things here and there, but also some kind of style..
and a big kitchen!! so we can make lots of food and have guests and stuff.. by we i mean me and my family who will live in my dream house with me..
hmm, this is difficult, because I haven’t really seen myself as living in a house quite yet..
I definitely want wooden floors. After 2 years of carpets in almost every room, please give me wood!
Actually, something cute like Melinda and Jim’s house in Ghostwhisperer..

Chocolate or liquorice?

OMG liquorice, By faaaar! My favorite thing in this world, especially salty, like the penguins you can buy in the tax free and tyrkisk peber. I like chocolate, but I love licourice

I’ve saved the longest for last, Nope I haven’t forgotten you Therese, it’s just that you had the most questions so it took up the most space.

What are going to study now and why?

As i’ve already said a few times, fingers crossed it might be physiotherapy, because I’ve always wanted to, but I really haven’t had the grades, and I just thought it wouldn’t be for me, but now I’ve managed to gain those extra points, which hopefully be enough, so maybe this time I will be more lucky with my choice of study and I will find out that yes physiotherapy is for me.

Do you have little highlights in your day? if so, what are they?

It used to be cookies haha, nah, well kinda but they’re gone because of lent. I guess whenever someone brand new comments my blog as well, even if it is a one time thing, it always makes me feel happy if someone has found my blog on their own and actually felt it was worth leaving a comment.
Oh and those days when I can sleep the entire night without waking up at all.
And going to the gym, most of the time going to the gym makes me happy as well as climbing with Pieter.

What is your absolute favorite movie?

I’d say schindler’s list is quite far up there, because of the theme and the story, the music and everything.
There’s a lot of brilliant movies out there though, so it is hard to pick one, but I guess it has to be that one.
Besides it’s not a movie you watch just to watch, nor one you watch 100 times in a row.
When I was a child it was the little mermaid though, I could probably watch it 5 times in one day.

When was the first time you were completely wasted? do you regret it?

Properly, I guess 18, and yes because I threw up and no because I had someone who looked after me the entire night.
The first time I got so drunk I don’t really remember I was also 18, and I regret because what happened eventually led to me loosing someone as a friend a few months later..
The first time I tasted alcohol I was 16 though, and thought I was cool.

If you could change anything in your life, would you?

Maybe my choice of study, but then there would be a lot of people who wouldn’t be in my life and I wouldn’t be where I am. It’s hard to say, because there’s so much in my life that I can’t imagine any other way, so even if I regret things someone else might’ve benefited from it or something good came or will come out of it in the end.

Do you want kids? and how many?

Of course, i think maybe 2 or 3

Since James already asked me what was best about living in England, I’m not going to answer that again hehe..

Which country do you live in, in 10 years time?

I have no idea, probably Norway, but I wouldn’t mind England or New Zealand or even Australia or USA.

What is the worst thing about LIVING in England?

like with James’ question, i’ve had a lot of hassle with uni and money, but about actually living here it has to be the lack of insultaion on the houses, how do english people survive the winter without spending a fortune on gas and electricity? and yes the carpet floors..

What do you miss the most about Norway?

ISOLASJON! Warm clean houses, wood floor, salty licqourice, løvbiff, siciliana pizzeria, my family and friends of course.

Favorite Gig and why?

Might be youmeatsix with farewell and Huston calls in October 2008, because we got to go to a brilliant afterparty and we even hung out with the band and we were spazzing the entire way home.
but being front row by the barrier for mcfly here in Wolverhampton in april last year was pretty epic too..
I can’t choose a favorite I think, because I’ve been to so many awesome gigs since I moved to England.

And that’s finally all folks! Sorry for it being so long, but I didn’t feel like making yet another post of answers. Tomorrow I’ll share some london experiences with you all. in the mean time you can read about it on Line’s blog.

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13 thoughts on “Even more answers..

  1. så masse fine svar:)
    og koslig at du nevnte meg på kin du lese^^
    og du, du komme nok te å møta den rette snart:) men itte erfaring går et fortare når du slutte å leita.. i know.. it’s no easy!
    og kansje sykepleiar?:D:D

  2. Dette var fine og morsomme svar å lese 🙂
    Og håper da virkelig ikke at det å finne Mr. Right er urealistisk, vi er flere som håper 😛
    Elsket btw svaret om hvor du kommer til å bo om 10 år, godt det er fler som vingler og føler seg åpne for flere muligheter 🙂

    Ha en nydelig helg!

  3. I have to pop out so I only managed to catch up on a few of your answers (plus I feel sad I didn’t think of something awesome to ask you – if I do I’ll send them over) but so far I got up to the MGG post & glad I deg even more he’s amazing!!! One of my faves (ps you do look adorable with him in that pic hehe)

    Okay must dash I will read the rest and probably comment again when I get through it all later. =]

    Glad i deg xxx

  4. hihi, e så gøy å lese slike svare-runda:)

  5. Det ble alt for mye å lese for meg nå. Curling finalen begynner nå snart, så jeg har ikke roen til å lese alt, men jeg fikk med meg at du liker nerder. Skal du bli med på matte-nach nestegang?? Haha!!
    Fine bilder forresten. Ser du har opplevd mye rart, haha.

  6. Katrine

    Riktige svar! 😛
    Goldens er jo herrrrrlige da =)

  7. jippi! jeg er flink 🙂

  8. Trodde jeg visste ganske mye om deg jeg, men jeg lærte mye mer nå!

    Fin t-skjorte du har på deg på det ene bilde da, må si jeg likte den skikkelig! 😀

    :O men liker du Harry Potter da?? Det har jeg virkelig ikke fått med meg xD haha
    Jeg skjønner godt at du vil dit jeg Ida 🙂

  9. så morsomme svar 😀 jeg er 100% sikker på at du finner mr. right, og han er utrolig heldig som får DEG! 🙂

    fysioterapi? nice 😀 det hadde jeg også veldig lyst til en stund.

  10. Mange morsommme spørsmål! Ooog fine svar! 🙂

  11. I didn’t think you’d choose Judd, no. Maybe when they start getting back into promo and have lots of gorgeous pictures taken he’ll be more of a contender. haha

    Also, I oficially love your answer to my asparagus/arithmatic question haha

  12. *officially. I hate Typos! So annoying haha

  13. You and Matthew look awesome together, surely it’s meant to be!

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