The answers that you seek.. PART UNO

I am overwhelmed by the amount of questions I recieved, I was worried I even had to start making bloggers up to fill these answer posts with, but instead I’ve had enough to fill several posts..
and this will also be my last post for a few days as I am off to London with Line.
I will be home sometime friday. So it is still not too late to ask me questions if you still want to.
The rest of the answers will come over the weekend in either one or two parts, it depends on if I get more questions or not! anyway, first bulk of answers.. here we go!!!

First up we have Merete, she’s been following my blog for quite a while  now and she had some very good questions to ask me.

What does it take for you to follow a blog?

it’s very different reasons, I have some amazing photographer’s on my bloglovin list for example,
other’s are just hilariously funny.
But in general I don’t have a specific thing I look for in a blog,
if I like the overall layout that helps draw me in.

What kind of blogs do you prefer?

I love blogs with pictures, and some of my faves such as Ida’s,
with her sarcastic and funny entries that can make me smile even on bad days..
or those filled with amazing pictures such as Stine’s.
But overall, I prefer blogs to be a good mix between fun and personal

Why did you decide to make a blog?

Originally it was because I spent 10 months in New zealand in 2007
and me and my friend wanted to keep people updated on whatever we did downunder,
and from that I’ve visited various blog hosts.
We also had to make a filterblog for one of my modules which was cool, because I got an A on mine 😉
But it was mainly to update people at home at

What are your plans for next year?

I am pretending this means from after the summer.
I have made a list on samordna opptak, and if I get my way I will leave my beloved wolverhampton
to live in either Oslo or Trondheim to study physioteraphy,
but I also have a friend who wants to travel the world and she asked me if I wanted to join,
so if I decide that is tempting me more and I can afford it.
I might put the study plans on hold. But right now I am thinking studies..

Do you have any pets?

We have a cat at home, she is not mine, she’s more the family cat.
I have loads of soft toys, but Laila she’s our little pride, I just wish she was more cuddly.

Next up is Alena, she had one question she was dying to know the answer of, mainly because I think I am living one of her dreams.

Why did you move to England?

To move from New Zealand to England was easy, because England is closer.
Ever since I was about 10 years old my dream was to study in England,
of course at that age I wanted to study at some of the musical schools and become a west end actress.
The only problem was that I could neither sing nor act.
I mean Da deadly duo is great, but not really a career hehe..
So after some months downunder I started looking into transferring,
and the reason I landed on Wolverhampton was simply because they would accept med mid – year.
Even if I sometimes regret my decision I am glad I listened to my heart and followed my dreams to England

Elise already know a lot about me, so she decided to ask me a much grander question about the world.

Assuming the human race was able to adapt to live on other planets which planet one would move the entire human race too if Earth became an unsafe planet to live on and why?

Hmmm, I don’t really know how the other planets would be,
but I reckon since the human race will keep growing one of the bigger ones, like Jupiter, then again, it might seem too empty because maybe not the entire human race surives and Jupiter might not be warm enough, i’ve read online that there’s only four terrestrial planets in our solar system, so I guess since us humans are searching for life on mars, we would probably impose our company upon the Marsians if our earth were to become unliveable. Besides it would be cool to live on a planet with ET’s and Aliens. I don’t have a reason, I just know where little about the universe.
I am personally imagining hotels on the moon and space shuttles that only takes a day etc.. someone told me to be unrealistic..

I also recieved some questions that required me to think back and remember, from the lovely Maiken.

What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

I think that has to be Coromandel or MataMata, New Zealand, because of the sea and the nature, or just New Zealand in general. but we have a gorgeous coast up north in norway as well, which I thought was amazing.

Your dream destination?(somewhere you haven’t already been)

Hmmm, i’m not sure, Thailand sound pretty amazing though, with so many things to experience. And of course Orlando the harry potter world

Where are you in 10 year? (Dooh, had to come)

In ten years, i will have finished another degree, have a job, have traveled the world and have a house and a man, hehe, well we’ll see, I don’t mind if that’s the case.

The best band ever?

Well, my childhood love is a1, they were the best of the best,
but right now I have so many bands to choose, so I’ll stick with a1, since they were my first love hehe..

Most Beautiful song?

I love always attract by you me at six, and ooh almost anything by Yiruma, and also harder than you know by escape the fate is pretty amazing in my eyes.

Your earliest memory?

You ask difficult questions..
it could be when i was using the telephone chord in the hallways when i was 3 or 4 maybe..
but I am thinking that I remember this very well because we have it on video..
I also remember punshing a girl in my kindergarten in the face with a piece of wood, (which I think was even on purpose) and that you would always find me above the ground, preferably in a tree when we were outside playing.

The best Cafe and coffee?

Starbucks and caramel light frappoucino in the UK,

Aboteke and Snickers Latte at home in Verdal:)

What wakes you up in the morning? alarm clock? phone? what song?

My phone, and mcfly, think the first song is Smile, but I have like 5 alarms with 5-10minutes between them.

The lovely Enya had a few questions for me too. (sadly her blog is for invites only so I will not link her)

Without being realistic, what do you wanna do when you grow up?

become rich and famous? or maybe win the lottery, unless Renate does so before me of course, then she can buy me anything I want. And I did have that childhood dream of being an actress, if only I could act.

If you could do redo something, what would it be?

spend another year at folk high school maybe? because that was probably the best year of my life so far.
At least try to be better at keeping in touch with all the amazing people from there afterwards,
because that’s been a lot harder than you’d expect.
I also wish I’d travelled more around New Zealand.

What are the most important things in your life?

my friends and family, if we’re talking material objects, yes my macbook and my iphone:P
Because I have become so dependent on both and they connect me with the world.

Choose three books you could read over and over again at least 1 million times..

Can i choose three harry potter books? Hehe Harry potter books of course,
Narnia and The Road to paradise island, but I haven’t found it for sale anywhere..
but probably other books too, I just struggle to think of them out of the top of my head.

One of my favorite bloggers, Ida also took the time to ask me an interesting question, since we share the same name.

How decided were your parents on the name Ida? Did they consider other names? (my dad wanted to call me Borghild, hahaha)

Considering my parents thought I was a boy, they hadn’t decided on Ida. I was going to be a Martin. I am glad they wasn’t so stubborn they stuck to their choice when they got a little lady instead. I stole my name from my cousin though, she’s born 2 months before me, but my auntie let my parents get the name Ida, I wonder if they argued over it, they’ve never really told me that. And then I am named Marie after my mum’s midwife, or so my mum has told me.

My dear Ole Jørgen only had one question as well, and it was probably the one that made me laugh the most:

What are you wearing?

well as I am answering this question, it is of course my lovely onesuit,
but as I while posting this I am currently wearing:
a pair of blue sweatpants, grey longsleeves from h&m and a kari-traa knitted jacket.

Last question of this part 1 goes to Stine, my lovely photographer girl and good friend, who misses me a lot 🙂

When do I get to see Ida again???????

if it was up to me, right now.. but fingers crossed at least sometime during the summer.
We should be able to gather all us girls for a meet up then, don’t you reckon?

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10 thoughts on “The answers that you seek.. PART UNO

  1. Veldig bra post..:)
    du er en flink blogge,r Ida!

  2. masse fine svar Ida:D

  3. Flotte svar, og ja æ ska kjøp alt du vil ha når æ bli styrtrik! 🙂

  4. gossipelise

    I looooved this blog 🙂
    Awesome questions and amazing answers
    I love you Ida!
    And I love your answer to my question lol


  5. Gøy! du fikk jo inn mange spennende og morsomme spørsmål jo 🙂 Have fun in London 🙂

  6. Wow, du har virkelig gjort en god jobb her! Kjempeinteressant å lese 😀 Lærte jeg masse mer om deg, søta ;D

  7. Veldig morsomt innlegg syns jeg. Masse bra spørsmål og svar.

  8. Hihi 😀 Så utrolig koselig å lese litt svar fra deg 😀 Nå kjenner jeg IdaPida bedre også 🙂

  9. morsomt å lese svarene! tok sikkert litt tid å svare på alle de spørsmålene! 🙂
    a1 ja, de hørte jeg også på da jeg var “lita” ;P hehe!

  10. byyyy the way, hvor har du møtt dem da?

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