i feel like..

I need a life..
I need more of something and less of nothing..

I don’t really know what I need, but I’ve been trying for days now to blog about something.. anything..

The weekend was spent watching tons of movies, going to with my housemate Leida to shop, well more like watching her shop, going out, leaving early and then watch a bunch more movies..
I mean it is great to be able to go to the gym whenever I want (resulting in 4-5 times a week)
But I’m getting sick of myself, of being on  my own, of not having anything to do.
I’ve even offered to help people with uniwork, because I’ve come to realise that not having anything to do doesn’t really suit me.

it rather brings me down, not even frozen yoghurt ben & jerry’s could cheer me up today
not even the fact that I could add more weight on the bar at body pump cheered me up, not even pita bread..

I’m 23 years old (24 in a month) single, jobless and bored out of my brains..
I also checked my balance the other day and that was a blow too, luckily i get paid for the work i did during christmas on friday, so i can spoil myself to some more froyo b&j for sunday when all the happy couples are out smooching and i’m sat at home watching sappy movies being bitter towards the most stupid day of the year!

but in all honesty, my life is good, i’m just having a bad day or two.
Hopefully spring is right around the corner to put a nice smile on my face again..

sorry for boring you with my silliness, i just wanted to post something so you wouldn’t forget about me.

Renate's Steven, and myself partying hard!

I also figured i’d add a recent photo so you’d all remember what I look like, and because a post without pictures can be even more boring than a post of silliness..

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11 thoughts on “i feel like..

  1. I hope that spring does cheer you up..And just remeber Valentines day is just one day on the calendar out of 365 days where people show that they love someone. But really they should be telling them and showing them they love that on special person everyday of their life.24/7/365

  2. aww, kjipt å høre at du har det sånn:/ håper virkelig du finner deg en jobb eller noe snart, kan tenke meg at det er utrolig kjedelig å ikke ha noe å gå til. Hadde aldri i verden fungert for meg heller! Hvilken jobb er det du ser etter?🙂

  3. Jeg har også bursdag i Mars🙂 Hurra for oss, haha!!
    Du er tilgitt for å prakke på oss your silliness. Men jeg tenker, er ikke det en av grunnene for å ha blogg?? Å klage over hvor kjipt livet er, eller hvor bra det er. Alt ettersom. Så får man som regel positive kommentarer tilbake som hjelper deg opp igjen🙂
    Jeg tror du burde finne en ny hobby eller noe??? Noe du kan gjøre sammen med venner, eller med ukjente for å bli kjent med flere. Hvis vi hadde bodd i nærheten av hverandre, kunne vi stått på brett eller spilt sjakk, haha!!
    Jeg håper bare det er en fase for deg, og at du snart smiler av alt igjen🙂 “God bedring”.

  4. Hehe, du e no så søt! Livet er litt sånn, spes om vintern.. og når man nærmer seg “ett år eldre”. Yikes.

    Gleder meg til å se trynet ditt!

  5. Du må så gjerne gjøre skolearbeidet mitt for meg, it’s starting to stress me out a little bittle. Ellers så krysser jeg fingra for at du straksens får deg jobb og er i full sving med hva det måtte være!

  6. eg trur våren komme te å gjer oss godt:)
    og eg håpe verkligen at ting blir mer som du vil Ida:)

  7. I know how you feel about wanting to write a blog and not having anything to write about. It’s frustrating because I always have an idea when I have lots to do, but as soon as I have time to write something properly… all my ideas vanish into thin air.

    At least going to the gym so much you’re getting super healthy and even more beautiful. So maybe this summer when you’re working your hot beach body you’ll find yourself a man! Win win!

    You have now made me absolutely crave Frozen Yoghurt. I haven’t had it for years! I hope that Valentines Day goes nice and quickly and that you have a nice day anyway. Love you!

  8. gossipelise

    Ahh writers block sucks when blogging
    I’m going through it myself its so annoying
    I feel like my blog is just me complaining LOL

    Valentines day is just another day but I know the frustrated feeling! Sucks!

    I will be your international Valentine😉

    Hope you’re bad days end soon love and you find something fun to do – I am positive you will

    I love you beautiful

  9. Ida, will you be my valentine???
    I have no plans on sunday either…
    MSN/facebook-date that is:)

    I know how you feel hun, but I want you to know that even tho I’m far away I’m here if you need a friend:)

  10. sv: det va kjekt å hørra:) eg sette stor pris på deg o:)

  11. I’m gonna make you smile in 13 days!:D


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