Nope not bells..
sorry for spamming you with entries but very few of you know that me and the lovely Renate used to make brilliant videoblogs or vlogs once upon a time. We went under the name Da Deadly Duo (click to see old vlogs) and it is safe to say for quite a while we had too much free time on our hands.

Anyway since I am a currently jobless, not a student and insanely bored I took the liberty of creating a brand new jingle, so now we can make many many more vlogs, might start posting them on here, but with a fresher jingle..
Same self-made melody as before just updated our pretty selves a little bit.

whatcha think?

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

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11 thoughts on “jingle….

  1. We rule, that’s just the way it is

  2. hahahah! Morsomt! Merkelig å høre stemmene deres 😀 hehehe

    Jeg liker bloggen din jeg 🙂 Akkurat sånn blogg som jeg liker.. Det er mange gode bloggere der ute som ikke får så mange kommentarer som de fortjener mener hvertfall jeg! (woohoo, min egen mening! 😀 )

    Vil du jeg skal sende deg en pakke med bugg i posten? 😛 hehe

  3. Katrine

    It’s not a well kept secret that I love vlogs so I’ll just say GO FOR IT!
    Now if you’d excuse me, I’d like to have a rant.
    Not only are those vlogs of yours very fun to watch for us visitors. it’ll also keep those memories for you for a looong time! =) Allthough the editing part is one of the most boring things to do, I think it’ll be well worth the smiles you two will have watching them back years and years from now! =)
    That’s all.
    Katrine says peaCe out!

  4. Skal se om jeg kanskje får sendt deg en pakke med bugg i posten 😉 hehe! Men da må du nesten sende meg adressen din, fordi jeg har ikke adressen din lengre :O

  5. I love it! …and I believe that part of it was filmed by me! I could be wrong… haha

  6. Kikki

    love it hun 😀 looking forward 2 more vlogs 😀

  7. Nox at the end! =D

    Very, very good. (: Can’t wait for more!

    And about the boredom, I’m not really sure how I would maintain all the joyfulness after being done with studies for a while, but I can recommend reading. And human studies. Just watching people go by on an open street can be highly amusing.. 🙂

    Did you guys get the package I sent some while back?

    I wish I had a friendship that’s as strong as the one you girls have. I’m not jealous. Just.. Impressed.

    And you, Ida, are likely to be the loveliest girl I’ve ever not met!

  8. hahahaha:D så søte dokke e 😀

  9. funny jingle

  10. Vlogs er gøy’e, så jeg tror det hadde vært artig med litt av det innimellom ja 😀

  11. haha, morsomt, seriøst, lag flere ^^

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