Leeds with Ansa

As I told you in my last blog I went to leeds this weekend with ANSA.
We have our very own olympic Games,

me and Anja looking athletic

You’d think this was about sports and stuff, it was actually pure teambuilding.
We were divided into teams, and given a country to represent, my team we were Jamacia.
Competing in skiing, javelin throws, discos etc, with a funny twist and guess what, good old Jamacia came second, oh yeah!

silver medals

After a day consisting of teambuilding, norwegian waffles and lots of laughs it was back to our very cheap hotel to shower and freshen up and then out to pizza express for a nice meal, well when we finally got there, since we ended up walking to the wrong one, since none of us really new Leeds that well either we spent some time finding the right one, but when we did food was much appreciated.

at pizza express

Afterwards we went to TigerTiger for half price drinks and a stand up show by Sigrid Bonde Tusvik and Jonas Kinge Bergland. It was hilarious, and the evening continued with more and more drinks.
Sadly I had manged to catch a cold just before the weekend, so I wasn’t feeling too peachy, luckily neither was my roommates so we had an early night.
It was still a great weekend with loads of laughter and new friends.
Hopefully I’ll be able to go up to Edinburgh early march for the Annual Ansa UK meeting, and Astrid said she might wanna come with me, so this could be good.
Ansa weekends are always heaps of fun, alcohol and new friends, so bring on march!

All photos are borrowed from facebook!

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10 thoughts on “Leeds with Ansa

  1. så kjekt! kan tenka meg at du har hatt det fint:) det lika me:)

  2. SV: Ja, nån gang så e bloggen min en plass for utrykk av kor sint eller lei mæ æ e osv…. og da e det visse menneska æ ikke vil ska ha tilgang til bloggen min, og nån vil æ ikke skal gha det uansett! 🙂

  3. Så glad du kosa dæ i helga 🙂

  4. awesome! hørtes/så skikkelig gøy ut:)

    sV: jaa, dean er så bra! så den nyeste i går selv. Snål episode, men liiiker’e fordi:P

  5. høres ut som du hadde ei super helg 😀

    du, ida.. Jeg har så fryktelig lyst til å bestille meg den blondekjolen fra bankfashion, men da jeg skulle bestille den fant jeg ut at de ikke sender ut av storbritannia 😦 hadde det vært en mulighet at jeg bestiller kjolen til din adresse, og så sender du den til meg..? Skal selvfølgelig overføre penger til deg for portoen hvis det blir aktuelt 🙂

  6. Neeeeei, vi planer jo tur til B`ham i påska :-(, så du kan ikke dra, haha!!
    Hørtes ut som en morsom og innholdsrik tur 🙂

  7. gossipelise

    so glad you had a good time
    but boo for the cold 😦

    i love you!

  8. Sv: Hurra, kanskje vi kan møtes da?? Skal si ifra nærmere jeg. Hadde jo vært koselig 🙂

  9. So, what does ANSA stand for? Congratulations on your silver medal! Good work! haha.

    You’ve made me hungry with all the talk of Pizza Express. Yummy! I hope you’re feeling less ill now! ❤

  10. You’ve got great skills in retelling experiences, Ida, and thanks for letting us know so much about your trip. Leeds sounds so good right now. I’d prefer Goathland or York right now. Just wander about, past Bernie Scripp’s workshop toward Aidenfield Arms. Get a soda, say hi to Oscar Blaketon, walk past Joe Mason and that nurse woman I’m kind of a bit jealous of – get a small room with breakfast included, meet Alf Ventress in the hallway, him chewing on an egg ❤ Oh, a girl can dreeeeeam!!

    Silver medals, that's really great. I hope to be a part of something in that alley too someday, seems real fun.

    Thanks for all good words – and those pictures over at my blog sure do seem fantastic… We just have to remember that our inner character means more. (: And yours is strong!

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