life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan…

Still not sure what language I will write in, as I am comfortable with English, but I know several of my readers would prefer Norwegian.
After all I have just finished a bachelor of Arts degree, in English literature, meaning that English comes quite naturally to me, but I know that is not for everyone. Yet I somehow like to think that the fact that I do write in English is sort of my trademark?

Anyway, a few of you have asked me what my plans are now and what kind of jobs I am looking for etc.
it is hard to say, right now I am looking for everything and anything, I need something to do as sitting home alone is well depressing, trust me I’ve tried it a few times.
Finishing my degree wasn’t quite how I expected it to be, 3 years ago I choose English because it was my favorite subject in school and I was good at it. It was easy and I was hoping that by the time those three years had passed I knew which direction I was heading in, where my life was going to take me.


Here I am three years older and just as clueless as that spring day I made the decision of going after my friend to new zealand.
some of you know I’ve studied one year in New Zealand as well, which was amazing.
then my decisions led me elsewhere, Wolverhampton, strange right?
Since I was a wee lass (little girl) my dream was to study in the UK, as a child the dream was becoming an actress, but that changed after doing drama in school. I still however wish I’d done a joint English degree, with drama or maybe Creative writing.
But what is done is done, and hopefully that goes for my bachelor too.
You see I have yet to get my dissertation grade (dissertation is very similar to the bachelor assignments you have to write in Norway when finishing. 10-12.000 words on a topic)

My point was that it was my childhood dream who took me away from the beautiful land down under to the not as beautiful but just as charming island in Europe.
I have loved and hated my 2 years here, I’ve had so many ups and downs here that I feel like a Yoyo.
my grades dropped drastically when I moved here, the course was a lot harder and making friends proved to be difficult when you’re doing the semesters backwards, everyone I started with graduated in september, but I will get to graduate with everyone I did my 2nd half of the course with this september (hopefully)

So what now?
to be completely honest, I have no idea, a job would be nice, but the aftermath of the creditcrunch is still upon us, might be lucky one day.
But untill then I will spend time at the gym and looking, there’s a friend of mine looking for work too, so I don’t feel as lonely in my quest. This weekend I am off to Leeds, with Ansa, I’ve never been so it should be heaps of fun.


to sum up my post, i am just a clueless of my next move as I was three years ago, but if everything fails here I do believe I will move home to Norway and start fresh with a new bachelor, the question is: Which area and what type of future do I want?
I feel too young to decide and I am 23, I don’t get how 16 year olds are able to make that choice when they start high school.

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16 thoughts on “life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan…

  1. Får virkelig håpe du finner deg noe du trives med om ikke så alt for lenge. Jeg ønsker deg masse lykke til framover, det fortjener du virkelig ❤

    svar: joda, jeg liker jo å engasjere meg også 🙂 og ja – i teorien kan jeg være med uten å være ansvarsperson, men i praksis hadde det nok vært jeg som måtte tatt ansvar. sånn er det hele tiden.. litt kjipt, men jeg har gjort det litt til det selv også. Slitsomt å vøre kontrollfreak!!

  2. ninusen

    Really hope it all works out for you soon! 🙂
    Seems like you’ve worked really hard and that makes it just unfair that you have to be sitting there clueless!

    Hmm.. Well, I haven’t decided myself just yet, so I’ll just have to wait and see!
    Who knows, I might just be very spontaneous. Though that would be very stupid, hehe.
    Oh well, just have to comfort myself that there’s about a month left to decide! 🙂

  3. skolevalg er pyton! jeg begynte på radiograf for å begynne med noe, heldigvis falt det i smak:P hadde lyst å gå på fotoskole, men mamma synes det var bortkasta, kunne jeg heller gjøre etter at jeg hadde fått meg en “skikkelig” utdannelse sa hu.. husker hvor sint jeg var. Haha! så begav meg heller ut på medisinsk fotografering av mennesker da, haha 🙂

    jeg synes du skal skrive på det språket du ønsker jeg 🙂

  4. You’ll find your path sooner or later you’ll see, until then win the lottery!

  5. Jeg liker at du skriver på engelsk, men skjønner godt at andre kanskje ikke er like glad i engelsk som meg. Hvis det er engelskspråklige som leser bloggen din, synes jeg du skal fortsette å skrive på engelsk, så de også kan følge med.
    Sv: Legen og prøvene sa at formen er bra og at jeg er bra, så det var fint! Team Åge er fortsatt med i korslaget, så jeg er fornøyd! 😉

  6. for min del e det det samma om du skrive på norsk elle engelsk 🙂

    ang. jobb å utdanning, så e det kje så lett nei.. har du ingen anelse om ka du kan tenka deg? i det heila tatt?

  7. sv: Det er en dødsbra serie 😀 anbefales^^ Sitter å bare venter på neste sesong 😀

  8. Rachel

    Wow I love the darker hair! Who knows where Oour dreams will take us but its fun along the way right?
    Love you my little Norwegian from Wolvo

  9. You look great with a dark hair colour like that as well 🙂
    Thanks for filling us in on the thoughts you’re having about the present, the past and the future. These are important thoughts, and I am having similar ones right now. No problem with getting the points, in other words. The future is a long time. But it’s here any second, and even though we’re slowly getting older, I think it’s mostly about making every moment count for something. I got that from Jack in Titanic, you know. I LOVE that saying (and I cry my eyes out every single time he sinks in that water – every bloody time (sorry for swearing, that word seems less blasphemous that the “norwegian” phrases available) =’C

    If as many moments as possible is filled with a meaning of some sort, I think we’ll find ourselves in a pretty good state in a couple of years.

    Lots of love heads out from Molde right now, Ida, and I’m sertain it’ll manage to find its way over the Atlantic somehow. Love works in mysterious ways, you know. 🙂

    Answ.: Ida, Ida, Ida, what can I possibly do to make up for all the extraordinary things you let me so joyously read and carry in my heart? Not just this time; every time I’ve conversed with you (Converse? Cool, I have one of those pairs), I feel tenfolds better. Thank you for being there so much for me. I heart thee greatly!

    And all the car stuff will probably, as you so wisely say, be a bit fun too, when I finally get to the point where I enjoy maneuvring that stupid but practical automobile..

    Good night, friend ♥

  10. gossipelise

    Finding out what you want from life is so hard love I know, but you will get there 🙂 I believe in you, whether its moving back to Norway to study more or if you find the perfect job you will get there 🙂

    I love you muchly 🙂
    I miss you dearly!
    I hope to see you in July after I settle in France


  11. Whatever you chose to do Ida, I wish you the best of luck, because you deserve it. ❤

  12. Write in English 😉

    Btw, IM BACK! 😀

  13. Jeg liker at du skriver på engelsk (selv om jeg kommenterer på norsk). Noen ganger er clueless det som gjør at man finner ut hva man vil. Det er bedre å være clueless, enn å finne på et eller annet. Det er rart det med tid. Jeg føler meg ikke voksen i det hele tatt, men jeg underviser barn og er “voksen” for dem. Det er rart.
    Du kommer til å finne ut av det, bare gi det tid.

  14. You`re absolutely right, that is you`re trademark. So don`t change it ok, because we love it just like it is, and you just like you are 🙂

  15. Du kommer nok til å finne det ut snart skal du se:) I belive in you:)
    Btw,, Nå mangler jerg kun en ting for å ha komplitert gaven din igjen, ettersom posten sa de ikke ante hvor den hadde blitt av, så satser på å finne den til helga og da sendes ny men samme innholdsrike godiebag på nytt snuppa:)

  16. For min del gjør det ingen betydning hvilket språk du skriver på. Jeg leser jo det du skriver uansett. 🙂 Det er jo selvsagt lettere å bare lese norsk, men særlig når du skriver spesielle tekster er det fint at du skriver på engelsk. Skulle ønske jeg gjorde det selv, men jeg er jo – litt som deg redd for å gjøre noen ufornøyde igjen. Hehe :p

    Aah. Så kjipt! Man skulle tro man visste hva man skulle gå da ja, men hvis man ikke har en spesiell sterk interesse for noe, kan man slite lenge med det. Sånn sett har jeg vært heldig selv – at jeg alltid har visste hva jeg vil bli. 🙂 Men det er jo fortsatt ikke enkelt.. Growing up suucks!

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