Screw blogbreak, it’s over.
I love blogging too much to be on a break to be completely honest!
I miss writing about my day or my plans for the day or whatever.
Sure uni is keeping busy but blogging only takes a few minutes..
Besides I’ve been posting from time to time anyway, so I never really took a proper break.

I don’t really have too much to tell at the moment though.
I’m doing a lot of uniwork, writing essays, rewriting esassys, handing them in. Eating celementines.. Going to lectures and write another essay. That’s what my days consist of.  I am still not sure how I’m gonna get everything done in time, but somehow i’ll manage!

Today I got the best surprise! I don’t have an advent calendar this year, I haven’t really had one the last few years so it wasn’t something I missed too much, but…
I got mail today, and in that envelop was a post it note from my mum and dad wishing me a nice december and this:
A scratchcard calendar! fingers crossed that £50.000 prize is mine this year!

Also my younger brother has now made himself a blog too, check him out and surprise him with comments! Vetleblogg 😉

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8 thoughts on “YAY

  1. I hope you win cause then I’ll get stuff 😀 haha



  2. yeeeey 😀 velkommen tebake! 😀
    så snillt av foreldrene dine! eg og alex o har flax kalender ^^

  3. Jeg krysser fingra for at du vinner 😀

  4. Så koselig å få i posten! Håper du vinner noe, om ikke stopotten! 😉

  5. Herlig at du er tilbake!! Du er for flink til å holde deg unna tastaturet, frøken!

    Så koselig med Flax-kalender 😀 Krysser fingrene for deg, jeg også ;D

  6. Nei, det er ikke så lett som man skulle tro 🙂
    Vi e da bærre gla for at du kjæm at vi 😮

  7. Sånn kalender har jeg og! Har ikke hatt flax hittil meen det er nå 21 dager igjen! 😀 haha Håper du vinner noe da 🙂

  8. yaay, you’re back 😀
    hvordan har du fått det til å snø på bloggen din? :O tell me!!

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