Don’t let the sun go down on me

Since you all kinda said you’d like to read some of my stuff, I’ve chosen this short story for my first post. It’s not very clear in it’s meaning, but that is the point really.
I wrote it to a friend of mine when she was going through a really rough time, but she really inspired me to write again after having had a long break.
I don’t know what else to say really, except I hope it is not too long and I hope you like it:)

Have you ever experienced a moment where you thought you were about to die?
 Thinking to yourself that you want to make the most of that glimpse of sunlight, cause it might be the last time you get to see something so beautiful as the bright sun in the sky on a gorgeous summer day?
 You look at your friends and feel like you can see straight into their soul.
 It is so vivid and alive that you can almost touch it, stroke it and say those words of comfort that is needed. 
 Thinking that today can only be so perfect because it is your time and everyone should experience such beauty that can exist in the world.

Not even all those though, cold and ugly thoughts can ruin the warmth you feel when you truly appreciate what has been granted you.  If it from above or not is not really my place to tell, it is based upon individual experience.
I feel like I am being told to hold on to this moment and long for another day like this,
not to let this cold dark space conquer me and force me to admit defeat.
Here I am sat on the pier watching the sunlights reflection on the still calm waters before me. It is almost as inviting as the smell of barbeque coming from the small group of people gathered on the beach.  Do they know beautiful the vision of their laughter and freedom is to me?

This feeling stirring inside me is almost overwhelming, this is the happiest I have ever been.
Everything will be okay somehow, Time heals all wounds isn’t that what they say?
Mine are still wide open, a fresh breeze sends a wave of shivers down my spine, almost like it is trying to intrude my thoughts. 
 That is followed by the warmth of the sun, yet again wrapping me in it’s shielding cape. 
 My pale skin must be blinding anyone brave enough to look at me, but it doesn’t matter cause once again I am content with my path.
I am coming back here, maybe not tomorrow but sometime soon. Alone, determined, unafraid.

He is looking at me now, I must be a strange sight. A young girl of barely 16, with no outlook on life, lost in an ocean of thoughts only leading her one place. The exact place I am sat, observing my friends enjoy all the things I am gonna miss.
I don’t want to keep fighting a battle I might loose, I’d rather see this beauty and then leave it all behind.
I am done thinking it is not fair anymore, because it never will be it was just the way it was planned.
I look back at him, his blonde hair is ruffled by the wind as he has stopped his chase for the ball and let the others keep up the game he was previously so occupied by.
Our gaze is piercing, like he is trying to read me, yet he is struggling to interpret the mysterious spark in my eyes.

I hold my breath as he balance across the rocks heading directly for me. 
Intruding my safe space, my private escape, but the strange thing is that I don’t mind.
“Josh, be careful,” I gasp as he almost fall over, heading for a dive into the chilly pool of crystals below the pier. He regains his balance and within the next few minutes he is perched down next to me, looking out towards the sea. 
“It’s beautiful,” without warning he takes my hand and squeezes it, and I am holding my breath. “So are you Marte,” he looks at me now.

It is so strange that up to that very moment the thought that kept me calm was the vision of the surface disappearing above me, the sparkle of the moonlight growing distant as I sink into the only place I have convinced myself would feel like home. Yet now when he looks at me I long for him to tell me that again.
“It might be bad timing to tell you now, with everything going on, but I wanna help you fight through, I wanna be there on the other side of this.” as he speak I feel like I get lost in his voice, the beauty of it, the words he’s uttering for my ears only.
“When you told me you were.. well.. you know.., this is where I came every single night. Because it felt safe, inviting. I tried imagining my life without you, and the more I saw that future the more I wanted to dive into that blackness below and never resurface.” He never broke the intense gaze we were still sharing.

“Marte, I love you, and I’m not ready to give you up,” 
I felt like I was going into shock, and it must’ve showed on my face as he cupped my face in his strong soft hands, forcing me to keep looking into his eyes.
Someone loved me so much they could not imagine a life without me, someone whose life I treasured more than anything in this world.
Yes I had been in love with Josh since the day I first saw him, when he moved in a few houses down from mine all those years ago.

Now when I had my mind set on the freedom only the ocean could give me, from this jail I had been placed in by this cruel illness, he loves me back.
Why was he telling me now? When all hope was gone and the day was perfect.
“I love you,” he whispers against my lips, before his briefly touches mine and lingers there. 
How can I give up when the love of my life depends on me?
He will never know what those three words so beautifully uttered from his mouth changed the future and on the most beautiful day of my life too.
We sit together, his arms around me watching the sunset and I know I will be here to see it rise again.

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21 thoughts on “Don’t let the sun go down on me

  1. ja, heier på meg selv jeg også ;P hehe!
    skal lese historien imorgen engang! 🙂

  2. Ida….. write a book!


  3. planer om å bli forfatter? du skriver så bra!! :D:D

    sv; tusen takk for kommentar på gårsdagens innlegg vakkre! 😀 Så bra du er asså! 😀 Håper du har åpnet første sjokoladerute på kalenderen du har ;D (hvis du har sjokoladekalender da, haha!). Kos deg masse hvertfall! :D:D Take care! 😀

  4. så flinke du e ida!:) eg e imponert:)

  5. ooh, det ser bra ut!! jeg skumleste bare igjennom teksten, men jeg likte det jeg leste! skal sette meg ned å lese den skikkelig etterpå.:)
    har du hatt en fin dag?

  6. Det er vanskelig å kommentere på slikt. Utenom at du er kjempeflink til å skrive da selvfølgelig 🙂
    Keep it up.

  7. Flott! Veldig flott! 🙂
    Fortsett å poste slik, det er veldig fint å lese.

  8. du er kjempeflink! savna bare avsnitt i den teksten der..ble litt lang å lese uten det.

    sv: har hatt dreads i en snau måned. kan ta de ut når jeg vil, er bare fletta inn i håret. gruer meg til å gre ut 3000 døde hårstrå though.. mister jo 100 hver dag. grøss!

  9. Nydelig! 😀 Du er så sykt flink Ida, fortsett med å poste sånne ting 🙂

  10. sv; ja jeg forstår! ja jeg får jo lest innlegg fra deg på bloggen din så jeg klager ikke over at det bare er en hobby for deg ;D hatt en fin dag? 😀

  11. sv; snille søte du – tusen takk for din kommentar på julekalender innlegget mitt! så koselig asså! 🙂 Du varmer det lille hjertet mitt så mye og gir meg bare mer og mer inspirasjon til å stå på! Jeg takker deg så utrolig mye for det! Kos deg kjempemye videre og ikke glem hvor verdifull du er! 🙂

  12. That was wonderful =]

  13. ninusen

    Ooh, this was really good!!
    You’re an awesome writer! 😀

  14. ah, utrolig bra skrevet!
    du er utrolig flink altså 🙂

  15. Goosebumps! You’re a really good writer. \o/
    __________________________________ / \
    (That’s supposed to be me, throwing my hands up in an act of awe!).

    Answ.: I made American casserole, proudly sponsored by Toro himself. 😉

    I saw some backstage footage from Friends last night, and the script changed while they where shooting – if the writers found out that a joke didn’t do it with the audience, they changed it – do you remember after Rachel and Ross got married in Vegas, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Monica discuss the craziness, and the finished version of the dialog goes like this:
    Monica: I can’t believe Ross and Rachel got married.
    Joey: I know. I didn’t even know they were dating again.
    Chandler: Well, I don’t think they’re as much dating as they are two bottles of vodka walking around in human form.

    At first, Chandler just said: Well, I don’t think they’re as much dating as they are drunk.

    Then the writers discussed this a while, until they finally asked Matthew Perry himself. He was the one that came up with the line being used! =D

  16. sv; mange takk for kommentar på gårsdagens innlegg fra deg vakkre! 😀 Er gøy du legger ifra deg spor hos meg! 😀 Ha en KJEMPEFLOTT 3.desember! Du fortjener en fantastisk dag! 😀 Ta vare på deg selv i disse førjulstider, du er verdifull vettu ;D

  17. Kjempe bra skrevet altså! Du må poste mer 😀 Gleder meg til å lese ^^

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  19. gossipelise

    i only just saw this but seriously ida *sigh* you are amazing!
    i love reading what you write!!!
    please become an author!!!!!!

  20. mcflyrocks24

    Ida! Wow! That was amazing! You have a certain sparkle to your writing (yeah that kinda sounds lame but I dont know how else to describe it). I love it!

  21. det jeg var ute etter, takk

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