Honey, I’m home!

Well most of you probably didn’t know I was gone, unless you had a sneakpeak on the facebook badge on the side here.
So for everyone’s who’s interested, I spent the weekend in Manchester.
Why did I go to Manchester? on my own without Renate?
Because I try to get involved a little bit in something called Ansa,and more specifically Ansa UK.

So me and my fellow Ansa contactperson Kathrine jumped on a train to Manchester on Friday to join other ansa people for the seminar Kick of, where we learnt a lot about Ansa, and just had a lot of fun with other Norwegians.
Weird spending an entire weekend speaking mainly Norwegian.
We also went on a treasure hunt around Manchester, answering questions, and our team:
Mens vi venter på Einar, were very pleased with our effort, however even with the President of Ansa, Karoline on our team, we still ended up second to last :O

Anyway, now I have 50 bloglovin posts to go through, should keep me occupied for a little while.
I did promise a photo of my new glasses too, Sorry I look ugly, I just couldn’t be bothered taking any more photos.
Photo 335 Photo 338

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15 thoughts on “Honey, I’m home!

  1. kjekt du har kost deg! 🙂 og fiine briller 🙂

  2. Kikki

    love ur glasses, hun 😀 and great that u had loads of fun 😀 😀 😀

  3. Da er vinneren kåret:)

  4. Jeg vil til manchester! Jeg vil til UK i det heletatt xF
    Har bare vært i Irland en hau ganger, men aldri UK 😛
    Nice new glasses ^_^

  5. Så fint at du hadde ei fin helg i Manchester. Var sikkert mye liv 🙂 Så fine briller, du kledde de 🙂

  6. Åh, hørtes spennende ut! 😀 Kan tenke meg du hadde det morsomt. Er alltid kos å reise med masse folk. Man lærer, får se og oppdager så mye da 🙂 Kule nye briller, btw! De kledde du 😀

    SV: Åh, tusen takk!! Er såå koselig at du sier slikt 😀 Veldig oppmuntrende. Nesten så jeg begynner å vurdere det nå, altså.. Hehe 😀

  7. Nice glasses 🙂
    Jeg var i Manchester på nyttårsaften for to år siden. Helt grei by egentlig. Mange små kule Pubs som; The Circus og The Old Monkey. De har vel ikke fått opp skøytebanen på “torget” enda??

  8. Gratulerer med seieren 🙂

  9. You look great! 🙂
    Glad you had fun my dear ^^

  10. OOH! Sounds like soooo much fun!

  11. åå Manchester ❤ Jeg har så lyst til å dra dit en gang 🙂 og stilige briller! (:

  12. Sounds like fun =]

    And your glasses are very nice *nods*

  13. *Kremt* You do not look ugly, my friend!
    The glasses frame your face nicely, and I think that you’re really pretty.

    Manchester seems like such a gorgeous city, and when my youngest little brother (aged 12) gets a little bit older, I’m so taking him there to go see ManU play at Old Trafford. They’re his all time favorite football team worldwide, and I think that he’d love me a little bit more if I made it happen.

    I’m sure it was really strange to switch over almost completely for that whole weekend, but I guess it would be pretty relaxing, too. After all, Norwegian is the language you grew up with. Maybe English will be equaly natural if you learn it even more by heart? I’m sure your English would put mine on the sideline in an instant, and I can’t tell you how glad I am for you – having this opportunity. Someday, I really want to study abroad, preferably London. And I’d like to join London Community Gospel Choir! Ever since I saw them perform here in Molde a few years ago, I haven’t been utterly satisfied with the songs we perform, the choir I’m in now. Our songs are dull in comparison, and I’d really like something a little bit more upbeat and funky – but still “churchly”. 😉

    Ah, this got long! Sorry for a pause in my comments, all weekend I’ve been busy with “Kirkesangfesten 2009”, 160 singers from all this county together in the city’s main church for a weekend of practise, fiest dinner, lots of practises again, and at last a big concert with all the choirs united. It was lots of fun, but I missed having some more time off in between, because now I’m pretty worn out.

    Hope everything’s well back in good old Wolverhampton. Oh, and when Wolves was mentioned in A Hard Day’s Night (with the Beatles), I squeeled a bit more than last time, when I didn’t have far-away friends there. :]

    Hugs to yooou.

  14. PS: Sorry about every possible error in my language, fast typing and no writing check does not mix that well togheter when one’s a tiny perfectionist. 😉


  15. så fine briller 😀

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