Challenge time

So first Renate challenged me, then Plosiv did too, I guess when I’m challenged twice, I should actually take the challenge?
I’ve decided to follow my lovely housemate’s example and do this in English.

1. Write 10 things about yourself
2. post a picture of one of your best memories and write about it.
3. Post a picture you like
4. Post a picture you don’t like
5. Challenge 5 others.

About meself:

1. I just got a brilliant idea for Adriane’s competition, I just hope I can get it done in time.
2. I baked loads of cupcakes today, and even if they look very weird, they tasted very nice!
3. I’ve lived abroad for the majority of the last three years
4. I’ve lived in three different countries (Norway, New Zealand and England)
5. Even though I’ve almost finished a bachelor, I think I will start another one next year, I just have to decide which one I wanna start, because I have about 4 different things I wanna do, yet they’re all related to each other in a way.
6.I sleep with a soft toy (my Stitch) in my bed every night
7. I’ve been single for 5 years
8. I cry at least once a week (for various reasons, sometimes it’s as pathetic as crying over a video on youtube)
9. My dissertation is due in about 2 months time, it is 10-12.000 words, I have about 300 so far.
10. My friends are my EVERYTHING! there’s nothing I would not do for them. I don’t regret a single sacrifice I’ve done in order to provide happiness for my nearest and dearest friends.

Spelet 2009

Spelet 2009

This summer I got to be a part of an amazing experience, since I was about 10 I dreamed of being a dancer in the big historic play at stiklestad, this summer it finally came true. I am the one in brown between the purple and the green, on the right side. We had social gatherings, we danced and we just had fun together for 4 weeks. It was a special experience and I hope I get to do it again!

egypt 2009

egypt 2009

It is not necessarily a flattering photo of me, but it really shows how happy I felt the one week me and my best friend spent in Egypt this summer. It just makes me smile.

Planet september 2009

Planet september 2009

I feel this is a very bad photo of me, I felt quite unattractive that evening and it shows on my face.
My dear Sammie looks lovely, but I feel of all the pictures I have of me available right now,this one is not very flattering, and you can tell I am not too comfortable with having my picture taken. (and i took this photo myself I think) ooh and i’d had a few drinks too so.. I know there’s a lot of drunken photos of me out there that look far worse, but I don’t wanna share them haha..

As for challening others, I think most of you have already done this by now, so if you haven’t and want to.
Go ahead!

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8 thoughts on “Challenge time

  1. U look pretty!

  2. ååh så kult at du var med på det! var sikkert morsomt! likte veldig godt bildet ditt fra egypt 🙂

  3. Back in black ja! 😛 – Så hyggetlig at du leste bloggen før da 😀 .. Håper du fortsetter 😉

    En ting.. EGYPT, jeg vil til Egypt! Se pyramidene, ta masse bilder, åhh .. Misunner deg det :P.. Og du burde kanskje jobbe en del med de 12000 ordene dine xP

    Keep it up n_n

  4. Sv: Vente såååå lenge for å smake pepperkaker?? Hmm, det skal holde hardt for min del ihvertfall, haha!!
    Jeg vet jo at det er oss kjøpere sin skyld, men det blir som vegeterianere. Selv om en del mennesker slutter å spise kjøtt, slutter de ikke å drepe dyr forde. Selv om noen lar være å kjøpe julesnop før Des. slutter ikke resten å kjøpe forde.
    If you can`t beat them, join them 🙂

  5. så bra 😀 muffins e konge 🙂 ❤ ska laga de i helgå o! suns de va super gode 🙂

    harligt bilde av deg og renate ^^

  6. RE: En anbefaling? Oi ..Visste jeg om denne? .. Så snilt hvertfall! 😀
    Egypt, me watz.

  7. Ida, I sleep with a soft toy every night! It’s a massive cuddly dog! It’s like hugging an actual person! haha

    I’ve been single for…. let me think…. EVER. Oh how sad I am!

    And I completely agree with your tenth point.

    I love that photo of you and Renate in Egypt, and I think you look nice in that last picture!!! = )

  8. Du e herlig du Ida! Håpe vi får te å treffes fleir gang når dåkk kjæm heim te jul 😀

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