Six Feet Under the Stars

It’s today!
We’re seeing all time low today! You might’ve guessed that the blog title is one of their songs.
One of Renate‘s fave songs of them actually!
I’ve wanted to see them for quite a while now and I’m well happy that it’s finally coming true.

It’s a nice break from uni and everything else.
I am currently back at the library, but the only reason I went in was so I could watch supernatural:P
Our sky internet should be up and running this weekend too, but they’ve warned us it might a bit crap in the beginning, cause they need to determine the speed and all. but hey it’s net:)

Now I am debating going in to town to just walk around for a few hours, read some trainspotting, or go home.. except we have no net at home..
I guess it should be the trainspotting option.. but it’s so hard cause the book is still in scottish.. At least I got through about 20 pages yd.

This is me today, blowing a kiss to all you my lovely readers.. Cause I figured I rarely post pictures of myself..
Photo 322

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6 thoughts on “Six Feet Under the Stars

  1. Kikki

    *Kikki blows a kiss back at the lovely Ida*

    me at the lib 2!!! but in Namsos, not Wolves… and on fb and blogs instead of working… haha

  2. Yay ATL 😀 😀 😀 Happy! And hungry!
    !!!! 😀 !!!!!

    Nydelige du ^^

  3. Lovely picture! And thanks for the comment 🙂
    Have fun at the concert!!

  4. all time low?
    whaaat? æ og vil! ta meg med ta meg med… heldige dere er altså, skulle ønske jeg også fikk se dem 🙂

    SV: ja, den er det, elsker pringles ❤
    ja, det er skikkelig plagsomt, fordi jeg vil ha ny musikk på ipod, men det klarer jo jeg ikke å legge over,siden jeg ikke kan laste ned musikk :/
    aw, takk 🙂

  5. gossipelise

    haven’t commented on your blog in forever ATL FTW!
    also love the new banner (looking gorgeous as always my love)
    also i miss you!

  6. Det tok jo sin tid med net allikevel jo 😦 Kjedelig!!

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