Orange or Apple?

Juice that is..
So I promised Ole that I was gonna post something juicy and that’s about how juicy it gets.

Truth is I’m not much of a juicy person, there’s not much going on in my life except uniwork.
And compared to Renate, I must admit my work is very boring.
(for those who doesn’t know. I am studying English literature)
I am sat at uni now, because our internet is meant to be gone, but sky is supposed to be up by tomorrow night.
I am also trying to force my way through trainspotting, but most of the books is written in scottish.
I ❤ scottish, but seriously? I can hardly keep up, So I am looking forward to when I’ve finished and can watch the film. Ewan McGregor ❤

Been at the library for an hour now, and all I’ve done eat a sandwich cause I didn’t have breakfast at home, and watch the last episode of America’s next top model. Best get to it, only 6 more hours(ish) before Renate is done and we’ll go home and have dinner and then tonight it’s kick boxing with Nav 🙂
He’s a very attractive personal trainer/instructor, and he seemed to enjoy the fun us norwegian’s brought to his lesson. Mainly cause we’re clueless at it and make fools of ourselves.

Sorry about the lack of juice Ole, but if you poured yourself a glass of orange,apple, pineapple, grapefruit or whatever juice you like and read it again.. maybe that would help?

p.s All time low tomorrow! I IZ very excited about that.. even though Zack Merrick is stupid and has gone back to the states for a wedding and is replaced by a guy called Ryan for the reminder of their UK tour.

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7 thoughts on “Orange or Apple?

  1. Have an amazing time at ATL! Shame about Zack, but it should still be amazing! Oh and have fun at kick boxing!! = )

  2. lolinonnon

    Hva er det du studerer egentlig?
    og heldiggris som skal på ATL! 😀

  3. oi, kommentaren over var fra meg 😛 hvordan det endte opp med å stå lolinonnon der veit jeg ikke x)

  4. I kinda do feel like some juice now..
    Gleder meg til konsert, gonna be wicked!

  5. oi, det hørtes hardt ut.. ka e det du ska bli? 🙂

    sv: aww ^^ det va søtt ^^

  6. Jeg synes det virker som interessant liv det du har, i mitt liv skjer det ingenting O.o

    SV : Ja, milkshake er kjæmpegodt, jeg bør seriøst slutte å drikke det før jeg blir avhengi, hehe.
    Hæhæ, jeg er ikke sååå drålig da (a)

  7. Aahhh, et innlegg dedikert til meg, så søtt.
    Jeg skal lage et for deg også jeg, men det får bli ein anna dag.

    Blåbær juice fra Coop er forresten favorittjuicen min for tida 🙂

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