A bit of this and a bit of that

Since I am actually at the library, supposedly studying and have internet connection..
I figured I’d do a quick blog entry, it is not like I am working overly hard anyway.
I have all the books laid out, my headphones plugged in so I can listen to music..

Yet all I’ve done so far it buy books for £30, but in my defense they’re all books I need for my modules, books that have a waiting list of about 1 or 2 months to get out of the library.. so I figured I’d buy them instead..
Amazon is great to buy cheap books, shame that postage and packaging is more expensive than the actual book.

I have been to the gym today though, so I’ve spent about 2 hours of my day wisely. ran a little on the treadmill, and on this other running thingy, and did some strenght stuff too.. tomorrow me and Renate are gonna have a proper induction and learn to use the machines properly.

I gotta pee as well, but I am sat in one of these cubicles, and I’d hate for anyone to steal my stuff if I nip out for a wee 😦
only another hour till I am off to meet my lecturer tho, phew..
Then it’s a detour by asda to buy something delicious for dinner, and taking out money for the rent..
after that I’ll probably snuggle up on my bed to finish reading a clockwork orange I reckon, and maybe start on look back in anger. or maybe i’ll just screw the uni books and read Time travelers wife instead.

this is really turning into a post about anything and nothing.. bet you got bored after the first paragraph.
Oh well I guess it is time to actually spend the last hour doing some sort of research, I mean I only have another 2-3 months on this thing.. I know it sounds a lot, but for an essay of about 12.000words it’s nowhere near enough time.
Then i might snap a picture or two for this project thing me and Renate are doing for our friend Towers as well.. should do since I’m meeting him tomorrow to discuss the pictures..

anyways, signing off now

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6 thoughts on “A bit of this and a bit of that

  1. Well you have been way more effective than me today at least ^^

  2. effektiv dag! 😀

    og ja, han e ein snåling ^^
    og går det kje ant å kjøpa vaffelgjern i england kansje? elle e det sånn norsk ting? 🙂 har kje heil peiling på det eg ;D

  3. I wish I had a gym membership!

    You guys are soooo good:D

  4. Så flink du er, som trener og står på! Og i tillegg sitter i timesvis på uni. Tror dette går bra jeg. Har trua 😉

  5. Igrunn syns jeg ikke det var kjedelig. Jeg (og alle andre med ipublish.no) har ikke hatt blogg de siste dagene, så det var befriende å lese en blogg igjen. Jeg kunne jo selvfølgelig ha lest ande blogger, men det er ikke så gøy når man ikke har en blogg selv som andre kan kommentere på.

    Men nå er jeg igang igjen 🙂

  6. belgiska vafler e ganske så fantastisk det o da 😀 ❤ men uten alt det stasjet så de putte på i england 😛 eg kjøpte ei i london med masse jorber å sjokolade på 😛 blei litt for mye ja 😛

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