I haven’t made a wishlist all summer, this wish is slightly different though, it’s a want and a recommendation all in one.
About a year ago me and Renate went to see You me at six at Wulfrun Hall, little did we know we’d come across another epic band!
Here’s Farewell, Buddy, Wil, Marshall, Jeff and Kevin!

War – Farewell
and on september 1st their 2nd album is released.
Run it up the flagpole! So far I’ve only heard two songs, but from those two I am excited to hear more.
Their first album Isn’t this supposed to be fun has been played countless times on my itunes, so I am very ready for something more.
Also the lads are incredibly down to earth and lovely, they always reply to your messages on myspace, and Marshall does some epic designs as well, we bought Farewell Hoodies when we last saw them, we’ve received many compliments on how wicked they are! it’s an awesome fit too unlike a lot of band merch.
So on my wishlist this week is their new album which is released in a couple of weeks, I think I’m preordering it within the next few days, because it’s not even expencive. $12.75 + shipping is cheap!
Also make sure to follow them on twitter to get the last updates first!
But while you wait you can read this article on them in GoTriad.

They’ve also said they want to come back to the uk soon! so I am crossing my fingers!

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7 thoughts on “Wishlist!

  1. Aww Farewell ❤

  2. Sv: “Maskiningeniører er sentrale i design og drift av nesten alt teknisk utstyr vi omgir oss med. Mekaniske komponenter og utstyr finnes overalt i samfunnet. Som maskiningeniør kan du derfor gå inn i mange forskjellige jobber i nesten alle bransjer. Du kan konstruere produkter, utvikle produksjonsprosesser, lage produksjonsutstyret, lede produksjonen og selge produktene.”

    Hentet fra studenttorget.no
    Igrunn så var jeg ikke helt sikker selv, haha.
    Jeg har jo hørt da at du kan gjøre alt fra å bestille dasspapir til å lede store prosjekter.

  3. åhh! Dem e bra!

  4. Skulla nesten ha sjekka ut dæm skikkeli æ å! Må sommel mæ te det 🙂

  5. Upperdog va kjempe bra!!! den må du se 🙂

  6. I’ve heard bits and pieces by them, they sound really good! =)
    And thanks for all the comments recently, I’m sorry I’m so slow on commenting back!

    Yeah, I think I did right in waiting a year, but as you say, I could’ve made a choice, and by now be happy about it whether I decided to study sociology or nursery.

    Usain Bolt is… Like a Bolt of Lightening! I only saw the summery of the great Thorkildsen’s throws last night, he’s amazing too! 🙂

  7. Ohhhhh I really like them!

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