Some might say this post is long awaited, and I’ve tried to figure out what and how to write it for a little while.
I’ve seen the movie twice now, and well the book will always remain miiiiles ahead, because I’m a geek that likes reading books. But by all means the movie had a few very good moments and overall it was nicely done and portrayed some of the most important scenes as it should. I also like the style David Yates have gone for too, the dark and moody setting is perfect for the 6th movie.

But if I were to speak from an bystanders view, someone who doesn’t know the story, who hasn’t read the books or doesn’t know what will happen next, it might cause slight confusion, and almost feel a little incomplete because it doesn’t really have that anti-climax that you’re waiting for. Sure the clock tower scene is quite the climax, but not like the other film, nor does it really end with and end if you catch my drift.

However as a build up to the last films (because the Deathly hallows is split into two films) it works brilliantly, it gives us the information we need for the coming films.
I really enjoyed most of this film because of that sole reason.
Maybe the love stories took a bit too much space, but it did provide us with a solid dose of Rupert Grint who really gets to shine in this movie, he’s quite the comical talent.
As does Tom Felton, we get to see more of his talent, the darkness that is pushing Draco Malfoy more and more of the edge. It is nice for once to turn your attention to someone else than Daniel Radclife, sure he does a good Harry, but it’s nice that not 100% of the storyline is based upon him but also his co-stars. Bonnie Wright get a bit more attention too as she should since Harry is falling in love with her during this book. They could’ve possibly taken this aspect of the love stories a little bit further I think instead of that silly flirting scene earlier.

All in all I’d say Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a good movie, 4/5 stars I reckon.
It made me aw, it made me cry and it made me want more.
But it was missing that last omphf, and well some of the scenes not in the book, at least one was quite unecessary, as well as some scenes missing that should’ve been there, but oh well..
It sounds like the final films will contain pretty much everything, since it is split in two, even though I’d gladly spend 6 hours at the cinema watching it all together..

So there you have it, finally I managed to write up what I thought about it. and watching the trailer makes me wanna see it again! Good thing I am currently reading the book, it satisfies my cravings hehe

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5 thoughts on “Pottermaniac!

  1. I definitely prefer the book as well, although I did quite like the film. If I hadn’t read the book, though, I’m not sure I really would have followed the film as well as I did.

    I really loved the last Dumbledore scene, but I think they could have made a vigger deal out of some of the other parts in the book as well.

    Can’t wait for the next one! (or two!)

  2. I haven’t read the books, but I didn’t feel confused or anything. I really like the movie, and well what can I say, I’m in love with Tom Felton!

  3. i said might Renate, so i didn’t say everyone whose not read the books would be confused hehe..
    but for example david he has soooo many theories and they’re all wrong..

  4. I agree with almost everything. This was probably the best movie, if you follow the book. It was just one thing I really truly missed, and was looking forward to. Snape’s “i’m not a coward” that’s a pretty important I’d say. Maybe one of the most important lines in the whole shadizzle. I dunno. Anywhozzle. I also agree with the whole romance thingy, it took too much space, but Tom Felton and Rubert Grint did really shine through this movie. And What can I say? I love Tom Felton, he has always been my favourite actor, since about the first movie, and he’s just soo draco, he’s like draco when he walks, eats whatever, he’s always draco. Okay, I’m gonna stop now because this is getting rediciolsosdgdsly long and I agree, as a harry potter book reader thingy ingy or something xD lalalal

  5. Har ikke sett filmen, så jeg kan ikke kommentere så mye.

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