Time flies..

when you’re having fun…
This summer sure has flown away from me, everything I wanted to do and planned to do has ended up being halfway done.
Sure I got to be a part of spelet, I’ve worked my butt off to earn some extra cash, I’ve tried to hang out with my friends.
but it is not enough… because no matter how hard I’ve tried, I’ve barely seen most of my friends this summer.
I’ve apologized so many times, and you know what I am done apologizing, I’ve tried so hard to balance it all, and heck I haven’t seen most of you trying just as hard to find time for me as I’ve tried to find time for everything.

Luckily I’ll see some of you this weekend, but not everyone..
But I am done feeling like I don’t have time anymore, because it’s not just up to me..

I am leaving in just about a week, and I am desperately trying to fit you all in along with work, so I hope you can try and fit me into your plans too.. all of you, because after the 25th you won’t see me untill new years eve probably.
Not that many of you ever read my blog, but it’s nice to have somewhere to rant

This week: Work, work, going to Namsos to see kikki, hopefully have a nice hangout with Monica, Renate and possibly Ida Kristine, pack, vote for the norwegian election, tidy and clean my bedroom, clean the house (because it would make my dad’s day) do some other left over housework, work during the weekend (my 4th weekend in a row),and try to find time to meet line as well.. oh and that party thing, where hopefully i’ll see as many friends as possible.
When I get to Wolves, I am gonna spend some time on myself I think, do something for myself and not try to please everyone else just for a little while..

sorry about that little rant, figured i’d do a quick blog before I went to bed. because I am so bored I was watching the election program on tv and actually started to find it slightly interesting.

Also, remember my comp, it closes on wednesday.

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11 thoughts on “Time flies..

  1. Awwww! herrigud 🙂 tuuusen takk ^^ æ syns det e så skummelt å vise nokka æ skjøl har laga, såååå.. you knows. æ ble veldig glad for kommentaren 🙂

  2. Aww, I fully understand your frustration, and you totally deserve to pamper yourself back in Wolves. Believe me, I’m not the one to stop you!

    Trying to balance everything into your schedule is difficult enough, but when you’re the only one giving an effort, it becomes rather impossible. And we’re no Tom Cruise..

  3. Det er jo helt forferdelig hvor fort tida går om sommeren. Hvert år når sommeren begynner, gleder jeg meg til alt jeg skal gjøre. Når sommeren kommer har jeg nesten glemt hva jeg har gjort, og jeg føler jeg sitter igjen med ikkeno`. Det er jo ikke sånn hvis jeg tenker meg om da men… 🙂

  4. Vi veit du har hatt d ufattelig travelt i sommer Ida, og d virke som du ikke hatt fått tid i d heile tatt t å slappa av å pusta ut! Så d blir vel godt å kom heim igjen å slapp av litt før skolen bynne igjen.

    I love you ❤

  5. Sv: Skal du se Åge til helga?? Hvor da?? Jeg vet han skal spille i Skien til helga, du skal vel ikke dit??

  6. I know, this summer has went by as a swoooooosh! I didn’t get to really appreciate it until it was over – the break, I mean. Or… I’m not sure if I’d categorize these past months as holiday, I’m tired as ever. But that’s OK, I’m totally fine.
    I hope you haven’t worked so much that you’re worn out before the next semester starts…

    Answ.: I know I’m slow when it comes to finishing up my blog entries, I just can’t seem to get them like I imagined them beforehand 😉 But thanks for the great comment!
    I’m not very satisfied with the arrangements as is, but I don’t think they will change. It’s just the logistics I’m worried about, how to get here and there without a driver’s license (hopefully this will change soon).

    Awh, those dolls were lucky! One of mine used my brother’s “kicking suit” – one that’s similar to this one; http://www.familiebutikken.no/media/catalog/product/cache/3/small_image/187×187/5e06319eda06f020e43594a9c230972d/a/b/absorba9654171_blaa_1.jpg (Wow, that’s a long link. It’s a good thing Twitter knows how to shorten them).
    I’m in a baking-mood right now! Feel like making cup cakes or something… Or those… What’re they called again… Cinnamon… spins? xD Rolls! Cinnamon rolls =D I’d like some Cinnamon rock’n’rolls please. ^^ Oh, dear, I should stop now. :]
    Looking at pictures in Google after searching for those (Cinnamon rolls) makes me sooooo hungry! Bummer that my card won’t work. Not even the chip. But a new one is coming in the mail soon. And if they’re using the signature I blabbered down on their board some days ago, I wish I was writing more steady! It will look as though I was affected by something… Haha.

    Ah. I told myself to stop the rambling, but here we go again, I see. I hope you’re not utterly bored by now!

    Lots of love.
    PS: I’m trying to make my contribution to cour “Love Is”-contest, and I wondered; Can you sing along to a song and use both clips – the song you just recorded yourself singing, and the original clip?

    And; can my brother play guitar and I sing? 🙂

  7. Sv: Åhh, så moro da. Du får jo kose deg masse, og syng et par strofer for meg, hehe.

  8. Great! We didn’t get to record something tonight.. :/
    When you say “on Wednesday” what time a day are you thinking? 🙂

  9. Kikki

    awww, hun!! u SO deserve to just relax and pamper urself!! make sure u remember that always!! and dont feel like u have 2 cum see me hun, ill see u on saturday 🙂 (of course id love it if u did cum see me, but dont feel like u have to! ill b in namsos for 3 yrs!! haha).

    luv ya hun, and no matter wat u say, u r the cutest!

  10. Answ.: Ah, OK. It’ll be a picture + comment-post from me then. 🙂 It’ll be up quite soon! Thanks for letting me know.

    And don’t worry about the longer comment, I’m glad for every comment I get, and I do understand that you’re busy. I really hope you’ll get to have some time to relax soon. =)

  11. Aaaaaaaarg! Eg hata cash! No kjem eg meg ikkje utover til dere:(

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