Summer of 09

Since I’ve sorta lacked in the blogging department this summer, and I’ve done quite a lot that deserves to be blogged about, I just haven’t found the will to write about it.
So instead, I picked out some important events to sum up my 3 months back home and made an image thingy in photoshop. I must warn you, it is very basic, I can’t do fancy amazing blends and such like my good friend Renate, but I try my best.
Anyways here’s a summing up of my summer:
summer09Vømmøl, Egypt, Spelet, a1 and Oslo. There’s loads more really, like parties (but they sorta go along with spelet), random hangouts at Renates.. (which she possesses pretty much every photo of)
So there you have it, my summer, i’ve been insanely busy, and have been the worst friend, barely seen a lot of my friends, I’ve tried as much as I can, sometimes I’ve had to say no, but sometimes they’ve said no too, so it is not all on me..
Will try to hang out with as many as possible the last 2 weeks home.

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8 thoughts on “Summer of 09

  1. Awww, this is a lovely entry, Ida! Seems like you’ve had lots of fun, and I’m really glad =)
    Answ.: I didn’t even notice your comments (yours and Renate’s). I’m sorry! I’ve turned e-mail notices off, maybe I should turn them on again 😉
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment anyhow, and yeah, cancellations during summer is something I’m not that used to handling yet, and I somehow look forward to those things getting back to normal =)

    Yeah, about Harry Potter, I have mixed feelings about it too, but I think it’s growing on me. The story with Horace Slughorn and the Felix Felicis (I think that was the name?) and Ron + Lavender was done pretty well, it was just that lots of the storyline was based on things that never happened (e.g. the fire at the Burrow), and some of the things that happened correctly, was portrayed in a different way than in the book (e.g. the scene where Dumbledore is killed, and Harry should be locked by a hex from Dumbledore under his invisibility cloak, because Albus knew he was going to be killed, and didn’t want Harry to be able to interfere/put himself in danger. Oh, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, aren’t I?

    Noodles, oh dear, such an easy meal, quickly spiced up to taste pretty wicked. Add some eggs, carrots, ham and/or salad, and you’ve made yourself a dinner. =)

    And “virrvarr”-comments easily slide into my favorites, so don’t worry =D And sorry about the late response!

    Me ♥ you.

  2. Virke no som du har hatt en bra sommer læl om den har virri utroli stressanes for dæ da 🙂

  3. I’m very proud of you I am, combining work and spel, and doing such a good job with it. Also glad I could be part of one of the highlights of your summer, egypt is a lasting memory <33

    Love you!

    And btw, I likes your little montage thingy!

  4. Sv: Det høres ikke ut som en møkkajobb, egentlig. Kunne absolutt styrt meg når det gjelder toalett-turer og møkk, men jeg ser for meg at du får så mye takknemlighet. Og eldre har som regel noen fantastiske historier å fortelle, om man bare tilbringer litt tid med de. Mange ensomme eldre som kommer innom butikken min for å få litt hjelp, og som regel får jeg høre historier og koselige greier fra et langt liv. De vil jo bare ha litt selskap, egentlig.

    Og lange kommentarer er great 🙂

  5. Bra du har fått gjort noe da. Kjedelig å sitte igjen etter sommeren og ikke ha gjort noenting.

    Sv: Da er du long gone i Værdar`n ja. Synd!!

  6. Det ser da ut som du har hatt det gøy i sommer! Du har jobbet, Men du har jo fått til kjempe masse! Jeg vet hvordan det er å måtte “avvise” venner, fordi en må jobbe o.l. Kjip følelse, men nyt den siste tiden hjemme med dem!

  7. Idapidaa ❤
    Thaa. du er herlig du (sikter til kommentaaaar on my blog) ❤
    Jeg savner å prate med deg, men jeg savner enda mer å kunne klemme på deg!!
    Jeg er veldig gla' i deg jeg, Idapida ❤

  8. sv: har prøvd å leve livet de dagene jeg ikke har jobba i sommer 🙂 ble litt stress, men jeg er glad jeg ikke bare ble sittende hjemme fordi jeg var sliten etter jobb!
    ååå, skulle egentlig dra å se på spelet! men så ble det til at vi kjørte nordover akkurat den dagen :/

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