Not so much anymore thank god!

This week have been weird, because instead of doing the very important essay I failed
(Yeah i know, me failed? what’s that about?)
I went swimming with Renate on monday, and yesterday we went to Lars for a BBQ, except I didn’t BBQ, I just watched and ate watermelon.
And the rest of the time i’ve been working. But today before work I sat down for several hours and worked my ass off with that stupid essay, and if i fail now I might just quit! (worst part is, I’m not even kidding).
And I am helping out at Kikki‘s sister’s wedding this weekend and was stressing out about getting there on time and then sleeping over and getting work on time sunday. Turns out I don’t have to be there till 6pm, and we’re not sleeping over either.
So it was a relieved Ida arriving at work, and best part is, we had a small BBQ, the oldies thought the hot dogs looked a bit strange, but one of them happily chewed away on her burger, me and Sandra even had a burger each, and then we enjoyed a small bowl of crisps each.
Arrived home and emailed the essay to David who so kindly said he would proofread and then my dad being the lovely angel of a dad, came and handed me an ice cold corona, my evening just got the perfect ending and the huge stress is lifted off my shoulders.

I love friday nights!

oh and Happy Birthday to my mum! 2 years away from the great 50.

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4 thoughts on “stressed?

  1. Renate

    I’m glad you’re not so stressed anymore, and we’ll just have to cross our fingers, hoping for the best. Then get wasted when the result comes, from either celebrating or oppmuntring. Whatever suits the situation.

  2. Huff, “essays” er dritt å ha hengende over seg. Ihvertfall nå som sola sleiker langt oppover ryggen 😦

    Men bare hold fokus på det du skal, så går nok det bra 🙂 Det er bare å bestemme seg.

  3. Så bra du vart ferdi 😀 Får håp du står den her gangen!
    Og lykke t me å hjølp t i bryllupe 😀
    Happy bday t mamman din!

  4. Æ hi trua! Vi håpe at alt går bra nu i affaill 🙂 Og godt å sjå at du føle dæ i ber humør :):)

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