Buying a domain?

I’ve been considering it for a while, how easy it will be just buying a domain.
Renate got one a while back, mainly because she was creating a website, but at the moment she is using it for her blog, and to be honest it is kinda cool and she suggest a site for me to use as well.

The problem is, I am kinda clueless as to what my adress will be,
I haven’t checked what’s available yet, but I’d like to play around with a but first

Any suggestions?
I will write them up in this post as you suggest and you will get full credit for your suggestion.
If you need to know anything about me:
My name is Ida Marie Hovland, my nickname is IdaPida, I am studying English, a bit of a bookworm at times.. yeah..
I also love to write short stories and such… please fire away, my creativity has left me for the time being.

Suggestions: (suggested by Renate)

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6 thoughts on “Buying a domain?

  1. Renate

    I wanted something that relates to me, and what better than my name does that. Also I don’t have any nicknames that many people use really, so that was never an option for me. But you are fairly known as Idapida, so something with that wouldn’t be all off the shelf. something easy, not too complicated. Start mixing in all sort of things, ex. or something like that, not good.

  2. gossipelise

    hmph all i can think of is and that has already been suggested
    but yay i cant wait to see a site of your own =]
    if i think of anything i shall tell you

    also while you are reading this – i am writing you a letter and I have your norway address so do i just write there? cause you are in norway still yes?

  3. SV: Det går bra, jeg har ikke vært noe aktiv på andre blogger jeg heller 😦
    men nå skal jeg begynne å snoke rundt igjen! 🙂

    Du kan ha noe som inneholder navnet ditt vertfall, navn og etternavn kanskje?

  4. yes elise m’dear, i am in norway now 😀

  5. Trur æ villa gått fer nåkkå me navnet mitt æ å, sea det går aldri av moten 😉

  6. gossipelise

    you will be receiving a letter from me then =]
    hopefully within the next week or two it will arrive =]

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