Just cause I felt like writing another post before I set off to work.
Summer is here, well it was here yesterday, while I was at work then it left about an hour before I finished, and today it’s been nowhere to be seen.
But it is summer holiday just the same, my brother just finished for the summer, I started my summer job for real yesterday, even though I’ve already done a few extra shifts, good thing about not needing training this year.
The song I’ve chosen to go with this post is last years summer hit for me, it reminds me of all the fun I had with my mates last summer, BBQs, long nights in the sun, badminton, swimming in the lake, sunbathing, dancing, party, just having loads of fun. Kid Rock sets the mood for a good summer perfectly.
This summer will hopefully be similar, however it will also be quite different.
Since I am working a lot, and I’m gonna be in a play, which will occupy most of july, I won’t have time to be very social, a normal day in july will be work from 7:30-14:30, home to eat and then rehearsals from 17-22:00, home to sleep and the same the next day:P
But it is my own choice and I know I will have loads of fun.
Sadly this means I might not update my blog as often, as my head will probably be elsewhere as I need to start working on my dissertation too, not just talking about starting but actually starting…
But i do believe this summer will be at least as good as last year, and being this busy means it’ll pass quickly and suddenly I will be back in Wolves where I belong hehe..
Anyways off to the library and then work..
Have a nice afternoon/evening y’all!

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10 thoughts on “Summertime..

  1. dougielee

    It’s like a dream come through for you being a part of that play, I know I’m gonna be very proud of you dancing around on the gras 😀 Won’t see you much in July then, total bummer as I’m kinda Ida addicted, but I’ll get you back in August for real, Wolves and us two, perfect. ❤

  2. Uff, jeg begynner å jobbe til Mandag, så jeg får ihvertfall denne uka her å kose meg på.
    Du får jo kose deg med jobbing, så får du gjøre alt det andre i helgene (hvis du ikke skal jobbe da) hvis været holder seg også da??

    Uansett, god sommer 🙂

  3. Aaw, that sounds lovely, Ida, and I’m so glad you get to be in that play! I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun, and I hope that you won’t get totally worn out. Happy exhausted, yes, but not just exhausted. =)

  4. oh it will be good exhausted.. you coming to watch karina?

    og jeg skal nok prøve å slappe av når jeg kan, men d blir ikke mye tid, jeg får ta d rolig på jobb istede hehe..

  5. mcflyrocks24

    Good luck for that play! Im sure you’ll have loads of fun doing it! All the rehearsals are worth it for that kick you get when you go on stage!!!
    I’m sure it’ll be a great summer for you! 😀

  6. SV: Hvis jeg hører om spelet på Stiklestad, så skal jeg prøve å få sett det. Har igrunn aldri vært på teater. Vært på opera da, med Andrew Lloyd Webber i Trondheim 🙂

  7. SV: Åja, det ER på Stiklestad ja. Da tror jeg det blir dårlig med synet av deg dansende på vollen, haha!!
    Blir litt langt unna, pluss at jeg er i Stavanger da.

    Men du får ha lykke til ihvertfall!!

  8. Kommer sikkert til å bli en fin sommer, selv om du høres sinnsyk travel ut. Du får nyte og samle krefter de få øyeblikkene du får tid til det 😉

  9. You’re going to be in a play Ida? How cool! What play is it?

  10. Tusen takk, frøken 🙂

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