Better late than never..

Finally after hearing about it for months and trying it out on various mate’s laptops and such I took the drastic step and downloaded…
Yes you’re seeing right, spotify. Because I’ve heard only good things about it. Sure when you use the free version you get advertisment every so often, but hey to get a free and legal music player that can find most of the music you seek that’s not so bad really. And you can pay about £10 a month to avoid the advertisement. I’d rather save those £10 for something else, like shopping, which is one of my favorite activities. So now I’m gonna start creating playlists and such, I see myself being occupied with this for the rest of the night now.
hopefully I will find all the songs I want, as I have been told they do not have absolutely EVERYTHING yet.
The Doors had the honour of being the first band I searched for on spotiy.
I guess most of you have it?
What do you think? Is it as good as everyone says?  if you disagree, why?
And what type of music do you search for on there?
What is the strangest thing you’ve found on there? tell me tell me tell me 😉 no pressure really..
Oh and feel free to suggest things for me to listen to…

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14 thoughts on “Better late than never..

  1. Så koselig av deg, da 🙂

    Harry Potter er genialt, ja! Gleder meg som et lite barn, selv om jeg egentlig hadde ofret alle filmene for flere bøker… Og den låten var faktisk genial. Chill drum’n’bass laget med lyder fra Harry Potter må bare bli bra.

  2. troiks

    Aaah, I love Spotify!! 😀
    I love to search for various soundtracks, like Back to the Future, Titanic, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings etc. It’s awesome =D
    Other than that, Jamie Cullum, Leonard Cohen (yeah, I kind of enjoy his music, blame my father! ;]), Paul McCartney, McFly (to hear different remixes and such), A1, Bee Gees, John Mayer, The Killers, Switchfoot, Bruce Springsteen, Band of Horses, The Corrs, Scorpions, Tegan and Sara, Jimmy Eat World, Lifehouse, Green Day… (:
    I hope you really enjoy it!! ❤

  3. Syns ikke spotify er så bra jeg. Fungerer helt fint hvis man bare hører på kjent musikk, men skal man ha litt mer spesiell, så finner den veldig lite. Dette kan jo bli bedre etterhvert, men jeg liker bedre. Prøvd det??

  4. SV: haha…. jauda… skal prøve å komme meg heim in one piece!!! kanke love noko, men ska prøve;) og takk! konsert og øl ❤

    Spotify ruler:D

  5. dougielee

    I still don’t have it..

  6. get it haha..
    been listening to the doors on there all evening, because I don’t have all their songs on my itunes so it’s cool

  7. Absolutt ikke dårlig for et år, nei…

  8. Jeg foreslår Jarle Bernhoft. Brom, brom.:)

  9. Eg digge spotify! Det e som du sir, dem har ikke alt enda men eg syns det e et jævli bra opplegg!

  10. sv: jo det er super deilig! litt skummelt, vet lissom ikke helt hva jeg skal videre så det gjør det ekstra spennende!

    spotify er helt ok, litt stress, men det er sikkert bare en vane sak 😀

  11. Spotify e genialt 🙂

    Metro Station?

  12. mcflyrocks24

    So THATS what spotify is!!!!!!! (I saw renate mention it in one of her status’…ok more than one but sshh)

    Hmm…maybe i’ll get it…when I have a notebook…IF i get a notebook…It better have McFLY on…or I’ll cry!

    ok maybe not cry but yeah!
    Is it good now you’ve played with it?

  13. it is good indeed, and they do have mcfly 😉

  14. I’ve never even heard of it before! Shows how slow I am. haha

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