View from the hotel

If you’re looking for a more calm and relaxing holiday the city of Hurghada in Egypt is the place to go.
Sure they have their nightclubs, but for me it was more about the experience than going out to drink every night.
We stayed at the gorgeous 5 star hotel Steigenberger Al Dau Beach, and oh boy do they deserve their 5 stars, the food was yummy, the staff was friendly, the facilities awesome.
We tried the spa and got this soothing lovely aroma therapy massage and got free access to the spa for the rest of the day.
Gorgeous beach and pool. I think I read somewhere that it is one of the biggest hotel pools in hurghada:D

chilling at the beach

chilling at the beach

And the city, we saw both Sekala which is central hurghada and new hurghada where we were staying,
the streets are filled with loads of small shops selling everything a tourist would want, especially perfume, i think if I see another perfume shop I might vomit.
The only thing I do not miss about this place is the annoying pushy men working on the streets trying to get especially women to come into their shops, usually perfume shops to buy stuff.
Of course some of them were very nice but some were just beyond annoying.

We did also get offered camels, as people often joke about with countries like Egypt, and the best offer was 2 millions, each for me and Renate. Which is quite a good deal dontcha think?
We also got to try riding camels, which was pretty amazing,
We hardly had time to sit still, because we’re, especially Renate, both quite restless and can’t stay put for too long so we tried a whole variety of things.
First excursion was snorkling, looking at coral and fish that lives in the red sea, we were gonna try and find dolphins too, but no luck sadly 😦 but the snorkling was so much fun, after getting used to the breathing and stuff hehe.. will post some photos from our underwater camera when they’ve been developed. We got some time to soak up the sun on the boat too, it was pretty perfect.



Second excursion was the trip to Cairo, before leaving norway we were debating Cairo or Luxor, as Luxor is closer to Hurghada, but Cairo have the pyramids, and after some thinking we landed on Cairo, even if the food on the trip was pretty rubbish, I am so happy we went and got to see the pyramids and the sphinx and just experience some of Egypt greatest history

history makes us happy

history makes us happy

Ole Jørgen actually told me that the world’s biggest pyramid is in Mexico and not Egypt, yet Egypt is the country famous for it, quite interesting because I didn’t know that, so thank you for the info.
But I must say Cairo is dirty, the sky is so grey, the guide said it was because of all the cars and such, but there’s a lot of history in that city. and the pyramids was almost a magical experience.

The last excursion was a desertsafari, where we drove out in a jeep, saw Fata Morgana, which is more know as a hallusination of water, the kind people see when stumbling around thristy, it is the result of the sky heat and the ground heat meeting, creating an image of water, it was kinda cool. We also saw a beduin city, well the tourist one, because no one is allowed to visit the real beduin city.
We rode camels and quad bikes, which was wicked, was such a great feeling speeding up around the dessert, getting off afterwards covered in sand.
We also got this lovely meal made by the beduin after watching the sunset, before finishing the evening with star gazing, it was quite magical too.

The final day was spent on the beach for most of the time, before our 4th visit at the hard rock cafe, and we hung out for a while with our new friends Camilla and Kevin.
When Monday came, it was good knowing we’d get away from the annoying men and the sweating, but all in all I really miss Hurghada already and I’d love to go back sometime..
To end it off I am gonna add a few more photos from our trip.

poser in front of the hard rock car

poser in front of the hard rock car

Renate with her new friend the svinsevanse

Renate with her new friend the svinsevanse

in the desert

in the desert

chilling at the beach

chilling at the beach

enjoying sundaes at the hard rock

enjoying sundaes at the hard rock

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12 thoughts on “Hurghada!

  1. Aaah, no vil æ å dra dit :p
    Høres ut som dåkk har hatt ein super tur iallfall! Å dåkk har fått tatt mang fine bilda! Du savne Egypt allerede veit æ, så bare å bynn å spar t neste tur no da 🙂

  2. Så/hørtes ut som en kjempetur.
    Hvorfor skriver du på engelk egentlig?? Ikke at jeg har noe imot det altså.

    Sv: Teaterfestivalen er rett og slett konge!!

  3. dougielee

    Was such a great trip, best one I’ve been on ever! Savn… Glad I got to share the experience with you!

  4. Awww, that looks gorgeous!
    I’m really, really glad you had a good trip. (:

  5. Sv: Takk. Jeg skal prøve å få tatt et par til idag. Idag er det avslutning også ;(

  6. gossipelise

    I am so glad you girlies had a great time and got some amazing photos =]

    I love you muchly!


  7. SV: Takk (:
    Sant nokk det du sier ^^ .. Så lenge alt er over 😀
    JEG VIL til egypt .. Det ser nydelig ut! 😀

  8. SV: Ntåå, tusen takk! Får jo veldig lyst til det når så mange sier de savner meg nå ;o Men vi får se fremover. 🙂

    Høres ut som om du har hatt et utrolig fint opphold, iallfall! Måtte vært kjempespennende. Skulle ønske jeg ikke hadde flyskrekk. Går glipp av mye, tror jeg (a)

  9. Turen dåkkers verka så utruli herli! Og æ kjenne at æ e litte sjalu ja 😉 Artie bilda hi dåkk å :):):)

  10. mcflyrocks24

    Looks like fun!!!! Glad you had a good time and…as i said on renates blog…those guys are cheapskates! 2 million camels…rubbish!
    Fab photos hunni! 😀

  11. bra dere hadde en flott tur : ) har alltid hatt lyst til å reise til egypt, historien med pyramidene osv fascinerer meg virkelig.. håper jeg får reist på en slik tur som dere en gang!

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