Honey, I’m home!

I know you’ve all missed me terribly, or maybe that’s just my imagination,
however I have now arrived home from Egypt, safely in one piece.
I survived the food, the sleezy men, the camel offers and most of all the warmth.
Enjoyed it a lot, but now it is almost 1:30 am and I’ve travelled about 7 hours by plane today, so I will write a proper update possibly tomorrow after transferring my pictures and such.
But over the last week I’ve done loads of fun stuff like:

  • Snorkled
  • Rode a Camel
  • Drove a Quadbike (which was epic)
  • saw a lot of desert
  • swam in the red sea
  • was offered 2 million camels
  • saw Cairo
  • saw the pyramids and the sphinx
  • Heard loads of egyptian stories
  • smelled more perfume than I’ll ever buy in my life
  • had dinner at the hard rock 4 nights
  • met nice people
  • got summat of a tan
  • stayed at a 5-star hotel

The list could really go on and on, but that would ruin my fun of telling you of my trip,
I would like to apologize in advance as it will probably be a very long post by the time I write it.
For now I am gonna find my bed and get some sleep..
the family gifts were received with joy to my great relief btw.

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6 thoughts on “Honey, I’m home!

  1. Aw, you got them all gifts, how nice! =)
    Seems like you’ve had loads of fun this past time, I’m so glad! That list looks epic indeed. 🙂
    Answ.: I guess I’ll feel that way too, to feel ready for my new adventure, I mean. And, yes, that little Edward fellah is quite enjoyable! 😉
    Oh, so you know a lot about what’s happening, then, that’s great!
    I’m going to get my computer to service today, hopefully they won’t have much trouble fixing it.
    Welcome home!!! ❤

  2. gossipelise

    things on your list i wish i could do :
    all of it! LOL
    sounds like it was amazing!!
    and i am so so so so so glad you had fun =]

    also i cant wait to see pics 🙂

    welcome home lovely.


  3. Det er så moro å lese andres reiseinnlegg syns jeg, og det høres ut som om du har hatt en kjempefin tur.
    Du vet at verdens største pyramide er i Mexico?? Det er litt rart, siden Egypt er liksom pyramidelandet.

    Sv: Jeg måtte pelle ut de 3 siste jallasene igår, hehe!! Det blei litt for sterkt. Jeg er glad i sterk mat, men ikke SÅ sterkt, det var nesten som å spise den rå.

  4. dougielee

    Jau, d va slettes ikke værst der vett, kan godt haike ned dit igjen!

  5. Borte bra men hjemme best! høres ut som du har hatt en kjempe fin tur, can’t wait til du viser bilder og blogger “ordentlig” om den 😀

  6. d kommer d kommer hehe:D

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