Klara Kœlvbua introducing:


I did say I was gonna write a Vømmøl post!
And now that it is all behind me and I’ve recovered hehe, it’s about time.
Some of you might be shaking yer head by now, especially after the opening photo..
I choose that because it shows my costume for the night.
And Klara Kœlvbua was my name for the evening, because it just adds to the fun to become someone else, sadly she has now left and won’t return untill this time next year!
Anyway, Vømmøl is this big local festival that gathers thousands dressed up usually in quite old fashioned style, as you can see I’m quite farm girl, Renate(Petronella Springfart) was the more posh side of the Vømmølculture.
over almost 15 years the festival has grown into a big celebration of Hans Rotmo and his music and it is fun.28l55puThe evening started with a BBQ at Ann‘s(Hjertine Huttubakken) sister’s place, and they had a trampoline and as you can see, we decided that it would be fun to try it and it was indeed. Lets just say that skirts were removed and panties shown.. but those pictures are not for the public I am afraid, unless the offended requests it or post them for themselves.. hehe..
Suddenly it was time to head off to the park for the big festival and we just emptied our glasses and set off.
2dbnjpgThe weather was absolutely perfect for a great night out, and even though I might’ve had a few too many beers, I had such a great evening, and I met everyone I was planing to meet.. I danced, had even more beers.
Good thing we walked home so I could walk off some drunkeness.
Strangely enough I was faaaar more drunk than Renate for once, usually never happens, and she’s usually the one hungover in the morning.. trust me I was struggling, but it was all worth it.
Besides I had a nap after Renate left and woke up feeling so much better.
A little sleep can work wonders on a hangover, I usually don’t really get them and by the looks of people’s Facebook statuses I was lucky!
So that about sums up the perfect weekend with sunshine,alcohol and good friends. It doesn’t get much better.
Who needs Roskilde, V Festival, Reading Festival etc when we have Vømmøl!
Just at the end I am throwing in some more photos of our drunk fun! click on them to see them bigger

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9 thoughts on “Klara Kœlvbua introducing:

  1. SV: Åh, tusen takk! Så koselig med slike kommentarer. Setter jeg masse pris på 🙂

    Vømmøl er jo såå morsomt! Skikkelig trøndersk. Det liker vi! 😉 Ser ut som om du også kosa deg 😀

  2. kosa meg i massevis, nesten litt kjipt men veldig bra for lommeboka at det er kun vømmøl en gang i året:P hehe

  3. oh that looks like fun =]
    You guys have all the good stuff over there haha

  4. gossipelise

    haha naw looks like fun!

  5. dougielee

    Jau d va nu pinadø ein bra kveill derre ja, me mang øll å my følk!

  6. Så fin vi e 😉 hehehe

  7. That looked like such fun.

    You have no idea how hard I laughed at this; Petronella Springfart
    I’m so childish. haha

  8. oh now i see why that name would make you laugh haha..
    didn’t even think of it like that:P

  9. Herlige navn og herlige bilda 🙂 Såg ut som dåkk hadd det arti 😉

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