¡The I want post!

So I’ve decided to make this a recurring post, we’ll see if it’ll be weekly or monthly, or whatever, it depends.
I know it is sort of a ripoff of the many discussions on some of my favorite blogs, but I felt like this was a good idea, and I like shopping:P
I’ll choose a website, preferably a clothing one, and post some of the outfits I really really want.
I am gonna be honest and say that I do spend a lot of time browsing online shops drooling over gorgeous clothes that I cannot afford :S But hey it’s better to windowshop than spending money you don’t have.
This weeks shop is New Look, as that happens to be one of my favorite shops, both online and offline hehe..
I’ve found quite a few outfits I am so lusting over.
Click on the image to see image larger, check sizes etc…
What do you think?

Vibrant print dress £28

Vibrant print dress £28

Satin Dress by AX Paris £30

Satin Dress by AX Paris £30

Drop Pocket Cardigan £16

Drop Pocket Cardigan £16

Acid Wash Jeans £30

Acid Wash Jeans £30

Denim Look Leggings £15

Denim Look Leggings £15

Long Frill Mac Jacket £35

Long Frill Mac Jacket £35

Interwave Platform Shoes £45

Interwave Platform Shoes £45

And Finally, it is my fave cause I’ve tried it on and I loved it and I might have to order it, cause I keep looking at it all the time:

Colour Block top £18

Colour Block top £18

I’d very much like suggestions for online shops to browse and obsess over, feel free to post me a comment with suggestions or just tell me what you think of my choices and if you find something yerself as well, let me know 😉


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14 thoughts on “¡The I want post!

  1. I want this one :O
    Mah, you’ve got me looking at clothes now xD mahaha!

  2. dougielee

    You do know I looooove the jeans.. I might order it… Ops haha

  3. Katrine


  4. jeans’a og den siste toppen var råstilige da! 😮 😀

  5. SV: Kampen ødela alt:(

  6. tru meg, jeg vil saa gjerne shoppe.. *sukk*

  7. Fint å sjå at æ ikke e alein om å surf på sånne sia 😛

    My fint du fainn å 🙂

    sjekk ut forever21.com, asos.com, gojane.com:)

  8. Oh, kule klær! Likte spesielt godt den nederste, den blå og svarte…slafs!;)

  9. Jeg likte den mørkeblåe kjolen best!
    den var utrolig fin! 🙂

    Men resten av klærne var veldig fine og!

  10. dougielee

    I am soooooo close to buying jeans…. god dammit!

  11. Jeg er altfor glad i å kikke på klœr, d er farlig for konton min d

    and i am about as close to buying the blue top and the denim tights..
    oooh give me strength.. hehe

  12. Kor e kommentaren æ posta da?? Hmmm..merkelig 😛

    Men sa nu i affaill at det va stilige kleia 🙂 Og æ like å inn å kjik på gojane.com, forever21 og asos.com. 🙂

  13. dougielee

    Snake print jeans.. almost bought.. haha

  14. nu e kommentaran opp vettu monica, du ha rett, dem va i spamsection..:D
    ska sjekk sian du foreslo

    i wanna buy that top so badly.. i want all of it of course, but mostly the top:P

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