Angels and Demons

“The Pope died and the conclave has been called for. Four candidates were chosen. However, before the voting, the 4 candidates are killed one by one. The killer leaves clues that seem to say that he/she is from the Illuminati. Strangely though, the Illuminati was long thought to be extinct. Who is the mastermind? Who revived the Illuminati? What do they want?” written by Ryanking

I was very eager to see this film, as I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code, and I think Dan Brown has a special way of drawing his readers into his story. My plan was to read the book before watching the film, because I regretted not reading the Da Vinci code first, but when my dad said he wanted to see it last night it was my chance of seeing the film for free, I like free, so I wasn’t gonna turn it down.

So was this film as good as the trailer said it would be?
Personally I found this story even more exciting than the Da Vinci code,
because the pace hardly ever slow down, and you sorta have to stay alert to catch the clues,
I made a few assumptions along the way, and most of them were proven wrong, and when the truth were revealed I could sorta tell where I’d gone wrong too.
I must say this might be a Tom Hanks movie and he’s doing another brilliant portrayal of Professor Robert Langdon, but the person who absolutely owned the movie was by far Ewan McGregor as Camerlengo Patrick McKenna, the Pope’s right hand. It might be my fave character of the movie.

Scandinavia is also very much represented in the movie with swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård as Commander Richter,  Danes Nicolaj Lie Kaas as the Assasin, and Thure Lindhardt as Chartrand, I think my fave was Thure, I even told my dad the first time he spoke that he was Danish, cause I could tell by how he looked and his accent, in the film he was meant to be german I think, but he did a great job:)

Of course every good movie needs an attractive woman and Ayelet Zurer plays the lovely doctor Vittoria Vetra, however I think Audrey Tautou did a better job when she played Agent Sophie Neveu in the Da Vinci code, she is a better actress in my eyes.. but by all means Ayelet did he part nicely and fit her part very well.

Sometimes it really did not feel as though this story is before the Da Vinci Code, because of tiny features included especially about Langdon in the previous film were not brought into this one, but I’ll overlook that and say that I really enjoyed this film and now I cannot wait to read the book, I just need to finish twilight first. They’ve also copied the soundtrack, I swear the opening score is identical to the end score of the Da Vinci code, but I like the music, so it is not really a problem

I am gonna finish this blog with one of the trailers of this movie because when I saw the trailer I just wanted to see it even more!

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7 thoughts on “Angels and Demons

  1. Spennende 🙂 Bør kanskje sommel oss te å sjå Da Vinci Koden og hennin vi å da 🙂

  2. ae anbefale begge,
    men ae trur for begge to saa e boka ber ein filmen da

  3. dougielee

    Aww Ewan, my main, well only reason for wanting to see this film. He’s fit and talented. I’d look up under his kilt anyday!

  4. Kikki

    totally agree, Renate!!! Ewan is hot! u should watch Long Way Round if u havent already 🙂

  5. But Ewan can also sing like serious shit, he has this amazing voice.
    I was always gonna read the books but never got that far and because of that I’m not gonna watch the movies xD haha

  6. well you still have plenty of time to read enya 😉

    sadly ewan doesn’t really sing in this movie 😛 hehe
    but i love him anyway

  7. ooh! Nice! Du fikk meg faktisk til å ville se den!

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