I’d like to apologize for the lack of blogging recently.
I’ve been working and such,
and well I haven’t really had much to blog about really,
and I fear that if I blog just for blogging’s sake, they’ll come out insanely boring..
so I’ve just not blogged at all..
Think I am gonna make an entry later this week about the party coming up this weekend and the tradition for it. Take a photo of myself in my costume and such..
But since the hiking trip I haven’t really done much.
Worked, hung out with Renate and Kikki, spent 21 min on a sunbed, borrowed clothes for this weekend, updated my harry potter fic on dfied. Yeah that about sums it up..
Oh and my tooth fell out… yeah.. sounds dramatic, it really isn’t..
Some of you might not know that my front teeth are both fake, cause when I was a kid I was mopping the floor, and that usually results in a slippery surface, so I went headfirst to the floor and knocked my upper front teeth out.. i’ve changed them, done the roots, had new ones.. done the whole shabang with them, and today one of them fell out.. for the first time in 4 years.. annoying, but the dentist could see me straight away and I got it fixed within an hour, not so exciting really..
Now I am sat here trying to decide what I should make for dinner, since I don’t really know when everyone will be home to eat it..

Exciting couple of days ey?
anyway, thanks for sticking by even though even I can tell my blogs have become more boring and less readworthy.. some of you stick by either way and i appreciate that a lot.
Also, I hope Renate had a great first day of work.. if you wander over to her blog, I am sure she’ll write about her experience at some point.

Adios for now!

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9 thoughts on “Apology..

  1. Hope your teeth are okay now Ida! The picture at the top is brilliant = )

  2. they are very much ok now that they’e all back in their place:D
    hehe and i know:D i just had to use it

  3. I’m so glad your teeth are OK! What did you make for dinner? 🙂

    And to me, there’s no need for an apology. 🙂 I still find your blog interesting… :]

  4. didn’t make anything hehe.. my brother’s warming himself a pizza

  5. Du hi nu ingenting å sei unnskyld fer 🙂 Nånn gång føle man ikke fer å blogg eller at man hi nåkkå å blogg om. Men æ synes jo det e vældi arti å lesa oppdateringan dine 🙂 Bli arti å sjå bilda fra vømmøl å 🙂

  6. Renate

    Aww dustetannj, faarraa aa daett ut son! Not very nice! Fint d blei fiksa right away tho, yay for that.
    Blog about my day will be up in not long, but first a niiiice shower! haha

  7. Æ synes itj bloggen din blir kjedeliar æ 🙂
    Fortsett å blogg Ida, uansjett om du føle du har nå interesant å lesa eller ikke!
    Å slemme tann! 😮 Men bra d vart fiksa så fort da 🙂

  8. Kikki

    not very nice of the tooth to fall out!! how rude! and oh, ur blogs can never get boring! I love reading em 😀 😀

    sooooo looking forward to the weekend!!

  9. mcflyrocks24

    Aw im glad your teeth are ok now! Lol love the picture! And i dont think your blogs are boring at all…i just need to find time to read them…

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