Hiking and such

I am loving being home at the moment:D
Had some really nice days, with Ann,David and Neel in Trondheim Tuesday, work Wednesday, then hiking on Thursday.
Cause I am special I get random ideas, and I suggested me, Renate,Ann and David should go hiking one day. and that day happened to be Thursday.
We do have a fair few good hiking spots around the area and the choice fell upon “Haarskaillen” in Levanger. A nice hour long trip up to the top or so, with a few breaks.
4297_202719280106_866135106_6965496_2179074_nNice view ey?

So we kept, walking, and signed the book at the top, now I would’ve posted our group photo, but they’re on David’s camera, and I don’t have those yet.
But you can get the halfway one of me, Ann and David, enjoying a snack..
Because we did bring a lot of snacks.. more snacks than food tbh..
We had a lovely lunch, and in total a lovely trip really..
The weather was perfect for hiking, and it was hardly any wind at the top.
I can’t wait to get out again really, just need to decide where and when..
and if i can get Renate to join she’ll get a say too of course..
at least I am getting a healthy addiction..

This weekend is consisting of work,work and work.. went to Steinkjer today to get that summerdress from h&m, sadly that shop is lame compared to trondheim, cause they didn’t have it.. booooo.. oh well.. i guess i just have to go to trondheim again..
Tomorrow my aunt and uncle is visiting from Sandefjord, so I am gonna make everyone enchiladas:D i am a bit excited and hopefully they will like it..
and hopefully i will have time for a run before they get here too..
anyway, i’m on the early shift tomorrow and should head off to bed.. so i am signing out now..
have a nice weekend you all!

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6 thoughts on “Hiking and such

  1. dougielee

    Yeah, you have a good life really, it’s been a good time at home so far. I’m sure they’ll love your cooking, I know I do!!
    Love you<3

  2. tenkte bare jeg skulle si at jeg har utfordret deg på bloggen min ;D du slipper ikke unna vet du hehe 😀

  3. Ah, I’m so glad you enjoyed the trip! 🙂
    And I, too, am sure your family will love the food you’re making.
    So this is the ones being “responsible” for you having Sandefjord as your 2nd team. Aha =)

    It’s awesome that you enjoyed the letter, I had so much fun making it! ^-^

    Now I should get back to work, this break is just a short one.
    Talk to you later. 🙂 ❤

  4. Flinkisa 🙂 Tura e sekkert koseli når det skjer frivillig og med godt selskap 😉

    Og kos dæ me jobbing og sånt i hælga 🙂 Ska arbe sjøl i kveill æ 🙂

  5. gossipelise

    ooh good idea!
    hiking is loads of fun 🙂
    sounds like it was an awesome day love 🙂


  6. Kikki

    Hiking was soo much fun! we def should do it more often 😀 how did the enchiladas turn out? I ❤ enchiladas :p

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