I don’t know why that’s my title, but I just typed and that’s what came out of it..
I have now only just about arrived home from work,
I let the cat in, then some laundry, aka putting on a machine and taking down the dry clothes.
Then I let the cat out again, she can never make up her mind hehe.
Now I am torn between doing the dishes or popping to the shop to buy salad and stuff and make dinner, cause i wanna make something healthy..
Think I’m gonna buy chicken too, to mix in it, just to make it more filling..
Maybe i should try that dressing that Renate taught me too.. hmmm..
ok dishes first, then shopping..
maybe my dad will even be home by the time i get to go shopping so he can pay.
Then after all is said and done, i might head for a walk, or a run, depending on what i feel like by then..
I mean i’ve already cycled to and from work today.

Getting back into the routines at work was easy peasy, settling back in quickly.
I realize how much I enjoy being there really.
For those who have no clue about where I work, it’s an old people’s nursing home,
on a closed alzheimer ward. It is such a great place, my co-workers are lovely, the old ladies are lovely.
And my boss is brilliant, seriously, I was nervous about telling her about the playthingy.. “Spelet” and she took it so well and said she was certain we’d be able to work it out somehow. So I think I can safely say that I will get to be a dancer this year and I love that..
So another reason to go for a run, I need to get in shape.. there’s a lot of dancing and lifts and etc.. don’t wanna be the soggy bum that no one are able to lift or anything. hehe..

anyway, the dishes are calling my name, I will return..
but for now have a nice day and enjoy whatever weather you have..

p.s. so happy it stopped raining.. cause my rainclothes aren’t exactly attractive:p

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3 thoughts on “tralalala…

  1. dougielee

    I’m so glad you will be able to take part in “Spelet” since it’s something you have been wanting to do for years. Chicken salad sounds yummy that does, we had leftovers.. Not as exciting!

  2. mcflyrocks24

    Glad you can do the dancing! And that work was easy to settle back into!
    Chicken in your salad? Yum! Sounds like Chicken Ceasar Salad!

  3. Kyllingsalat e namnam 🙂 trur vi må ha det en dag vi å 🙂

    Og så bra at sjefen din e snill,sånn at det årne sæ me spelet 🙂

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