Sorry for the lack of blogging over the last few days..
my mind has been elsewhere.
Not been up to too much really.
Went for a nice run yesterday and the went to the tanning studio in the evening with Renate
And today, i drove all the way to trondheim and back:D
very proud, i was nervous, cause trondheim is a big city and confusing too..
but i pretty much went to the parking place house thingy.. so i didn’t have to go into the city completely.
I am still proud, and now I know is isn’t that scary.
We showed David’s collegue from new zealand aka mr. new zealand as marte so nicely nicknamed him.. his name’s Neel btw, anyway we showed him around the city.
Sometimes it was even hard to keep up with him when he enthusiatically strode along to be a good tourist..
We met up with Marte, and bought kinder ice cream at cielo or whatever it is called, the italian ice cream place at solsiden.
then headed back to Trondheim Torg for pizza at peppes.
Then we drove home.. it’s been a long day and I am pretty knackered now, not used to driving so much..
and i bet this blog post is pretty boring too as it only sums up my day.
but i’ve got work in the morning and i think this will be a very early night..

looking forward to starting again, I need to sort out the summer tho.. fingers crossed it will work out so i can do the play and work.
I kinda don’t think it will, cause i need to work both mornings and evenings..

anyway by now you must be bored to death.. i might try and return with something more entertaining later on

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8 thoughts on “Trondheim

  1. I’m not bored! I think you’re a good blogger. Again; wish I could’ve been in Trondheim today, how was the weather? I’m glad you had a good time. Good luck back at work tomorrow! But how can you work both mornings and evenings? I never do… Good night ❤

  2. well one day we work 7:30-14:30
    and the following day we have the afternoon/evening which is either 14:15-21:30 or 14:45-22:00
    simple.. i am a nursing assistant so i guess that is how i get to do both.. i dunno..
    i just want it to work out the way i want it to

  3. also, the weather was lovely for most of it really,
    wish you could’ve been there too

  4. Man liker Trondheim! 🙂
    Liker Headeren, den var fin ^^

  5. Va sekkert kjæmpefint i Trondheim i går:) Heldig me veret! 🙂

    Håpe dagen på jobb går grett 🙂

  6. d va knallfint:D
    og d gikk greit paa jobb vettu

  7. dougielee

    Aah sounds like you had a great day in trondheim, I do wish I could’ve come too, but might be a good thing I didn’t coz of the meeting with my boss.. But still, it sounded like fun, most of it :p
    I kinda miss you girly! Haha, I know… It’s only been two days, but that’s two long days!

  8. Sounds like a great day 🙂

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