And celebrations!
17th of May, it is Norway’s national day and the sun is shining, the flag is up and we are watching the celebrations all over Norway on television instead of the children marching through the streets of our city hehe, but that’s ok:P
Today is the day when Norwegians are allowed to be proud and loud and worship our own country. I enjoy celebration this day, and for the first time in a while I am actually home in Norway,and I realize that I am much for more of a patriot when I am abroad.
Either that or we use the day as an excuse to drink, BBQ and just have a great time.
But it is nice to be home for once too.
So Happy Birthday Norway!

secondly, I can say i do not really care all I want, but I have to admit watching Eurovision last night hyped me up pretty much hehe..
And seeing 12 points after 12 points for Norway just raised the mood through the roof and we had another reason to celebrate.
I still don’t care that much and I wouldn’t have been majorly depressed if Alex had not won, but it was extremely fun that he did, and I am lucky enough to have missed most of the hype and can hear the song without cringing, cause according to my lovely norwegian friends the song has been overplayed and overexposed, so most norwegians seems to be pretty sick of it by now, but I am sure most people were quite ok with this sight:

Alexander Rybak and Frikar from Norway 387 points, it’s historical, and the only complaint is that it wasn’t even nervewrecking or exciting really, cause he was far ahead from the very beginning.
Also Congrats to Iceland with 2nd place, I was cheering for that song and it was well deserved, a light in dark times:D So well done. UK was among my faves as well, so within the top5 I had my three faves so i am well chuffed with that evening.
I am gonna leave you with a clip of iceland’s song too and then you can judge for yourself if you think she or Alex deserved the win.

once again Happy birthday Norway and Norwegians and everything to do with our country!

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6 thoughts on “Congratulations!

  1. dougielee

    Hipp hipp hurra, Norge er bra!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. 😀

    Og nu bli det vel MGP mas i et år fremmover 😛 Trur æ bli me dåkk te England æ:P

  3. haha, gjoerra d 😉
    greit fer oss som slaepp unna d verste:P

  4. troiks

    Answ: Yeah, I had a nice day on Sunday – it got pretty long though, work, town, grandparents, family meeting, quiz… But it was fun!
    Oh, I know! I was surprised when Excel summed up the pages in the end, I didn’t expect it to be that much. But it was fun! I love to read. 🙂

  5. troiks

    Ah. I just realized I wrote “But it was fun!” twice… x)

  6. happy bday Norway!

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