Hoedown Throwdown

New day and a new blog entry,
I don’t actually have something to write, but I enjoy doing blogs on a daily basis pretty much..
Being home ain’t too bad I must say. Wednesday I went to my mate’s and met up with my girls, we swapped some clothes, watched some telly, we never got to the watching a movie part.
then me and Kikki cycled home, because we were being sporty on wednesday, and my brother’s bike is pretty lame, cause suddenly the pedal flew off:O
not my fault and it’s not first time it happened.
Yesterday I spent my morning learning the hoedown throwdown from the hannah montana movie, which happens to be a pretty epic dance tbh hehe..
I am good at it, promise, me and Renate have already decided we’re filming it later on.

Then in the afternoon we drove to sweden, the boys wanted to buy beer and stuff for this weekend’s big party, and they bought beer alright.. lucky there was no customs on the border yesterday, it was a nice trip, got to see Ida Kristine again too, that girl sure has missed us a lot hehe.. we’ve missed ya too sweetie:D
Then in the evening, I went to pick up my box with nz stuff.. meaning stuff kikki and david sent from new zealand for me, all the stuff i left behind..
so i got to drive again, it felt weird, first time in like 4 months behind the wheel, but it only took me about 2-3 minutes to get used to the feeling.
i guess it is like cycling, once you’ve learnt it, you don’t forget it:P

and now im just chilling out, it’s not even midday yet, so don’t judge me for still being in my pj’s, i have been up since about 10am..
just to finish it off, i’m gonna leave you with the tutorial video for the hoedown throwdown so you can be as Epic as me and Renate too.

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7 thoughts on “Hoedown Throwdown

  1. dougielee

    No way anyone will ever be as epic as us! We rule the street, the house, the pool and more than anything, the dancefloor!

  2. Great! That’s awesome 😀

  3. mcflyrocks24

    Sounds like you’ve been havin fun! 😛
    Haha hoedown throwdown! awesome! cant wait to see you girls doing it! 😛

  4. Høres ut som du kose dæ me å vårrå heim ja 🙂 Kjæmpekos at dåkk stakk innom i dag 🙂

  5. gossipelise


  6. I look forward to seeing your performance of the hoedown throwdown! = )

  7. How could you know that ive missed you? The crying part? haha
    I love you sweety ❤

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