oh no

So I’ve been proper excited about coming home,
using my bike and everything again, I’ve proper missed my bike..
first new I get when I arrive home is that it’s broken, like completely.
as in no point in trying to fix anymore..
it was a bit halfass last year too, but still usable.
however my dad said we’d look into getting me a new one..
I mean I don’t demand a fancy offroad bike,
I just want a normal GT boys bike.. It can be a several years old model too..
cheap and usable.. as long as it is GT, cause it is the only type I wanna use.
Rest in peace my beautiful bike I am gonna miss you.
have to borrow my brother’s tonight then, when we are gonna cycle up to Siri to watch films etc..
but yeh this post is to keep the memory of my beloved bike alive!
it was a good bike to the end, and it has lived through a lot,
it was just its time to give in.

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9 thoughts on “oh no

  1. dougielee

    RIP 😦

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry, Ida! I love having a bike too, but my brother rode it so harshly that it’s waggling and skreeching and what’s- the name for it…
    Rest in peace, little GT bicycle, that’s been carrying you around for so long.

    I hope you’ll find a new one. 🙂

  3. Oh, and BTW; I LOVE THE HEADER!! 🙂
    Wasn’t able to view it by phone.

  4. jimjamming

    May the bike rest in blissful peace. Are you having a burial or cremation? =P

  5. burial i think..
    just a small quiet ceremony with the ones closest to him

  6. mcflyrocks24

    RIP bike! 😦

    Did you have a name for it? Like Renate had Dougie brom-brom?
    Was it Harry brom-brom? 😛

  7. Oh no! Så trist 😦 Men du hi jo alltids de goe minnan da 🙂

  8. nah it didn’t really have a name.. but i am gonna name my new one
    any suggestions?

  9. Wolverhampton vart så å sei nævnt over plassa æ skull te i år 😛 (england). Dæm tælle ikke 😛

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