Home sweet home

I’ve now been home for a few hours,
And I still don’t realise this is where I am gonna be for the next 3 months.
Seem like an awful long time doesn’t it?
My dad bought chicken and made rice for tea today and it was lovely:D
was actually proper good not having to cook it myself.

The journey was more than long enough, started off on the couch from Wolvo at 3am, and 5 hours later, and no sleep we arrived at Stansted, waiting around for 4 hours and then we were on the plane by noon, and set off to Norway.
considering I haven’t slept for well over 24 hours, no wonder I am knackered now hehe.
and having said that I realised I haven’t set my clock forward an hour yet.

Well I am not gonna turn this into a long big ass post, cause i’d bore ye all to death,
I just wanted to write a few words about coming home.
Tomorrow I will unpack and stuff.. maybe go to prix and treat myself hehe..
been in the mood for snacking tonight, and we didn’t buy ANYTHING at the taxfree..

btw, I’ve also made myself a new banner, what do ya think? I felt it was a bit more summery:P

Now I am gonna grab myself some orange juice and then watch the first semifinal of eurovision i think.
anyone else doing anything fun tonight?

finally, just for you to see how utterly boring it is waiting at stansted

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7 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. dougielee

    I loooove the new banner, looks great!
    And yeah such a looong travelday, but I kinda liked it. Was good to come home tho, food, mummys food!! YAY!

  2. yeh, im just glad we dont do the travelling bit that often..cause i tires me out completely..
    with the lack of sleep hehe..

  3. awwe! The banner is amazing! 😀 Loving it!
    I think ya need some sleep to be honest 😮

  4. Kikki

    Love the new banner!! and LOVE the fact that u r back in Verdal!! cant wait for 2morro :):):):) txt me if u r in town 🙂

  5. mcflyrocks24

    Love the banner! Hahah fab video too! 😀

  6. Stilig banner! Og velkommen heim 🙂

    Kjæmpearti video, dåkk e nu bra søt 🙂

  7. The new banner looks awsome!
    It feels good to know that u are home! Vi e ikke så langt unnja kvarennjer no :O Wæææ 😀
    Glede mæ t æ får møt dæ snuppa mi ❤

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