counting down the hours

The time for us to jump on that National Express Coach is coming near and nearer.
And the waiting is horrible, the time snails by pretty much.
I hate waiting for stuff, because when you’re waiting the time stands still.

Today we went and bought the mcfly Radio:ACTIVE tour dvd, and it was pretty epic!
of course we watched it as soon as we got home.
Saw some epic norwegian moments, good exposure of our flags i must say.
And we went to the tanning place one last time.
and i’ve found out I do actually have quite a few freckles, they decide to come out when they’re exposed to bright light.
But i don’t mind as long as I look tanned and pretty.. well tanned at least.. still working on the last adjective.

Also tried colouring my hair again today, not much luck there, i think my new basis colour was too dark for my hair to soak up the colour really.. bummer..
I think I actually need bleach to make it stick..
might do that when I get home then.. I am determined to get it lighter..

now I am just sat in my room, looking around, it hasn’t been this tidy since I moved in, I can’t believe I’m not coming back here for 3 whole months.. I am gonna miss my room I think. well I am gonna miss having a room that’s just mine.
I mean I enjoy being at home, but I sleep in my dad’s bedroom, and he is downstairs in the basement.. I feel bad for pushing him out of his room really..
and well it is not really my room, so I don’t feel like I’m somewhere that’s mine you know..
but i suppose that’s what happens when you leave home, grow up and go out to explore the world and such.
cause I’m a big girl now..:P yeah right, I’m not fooling anyone am I?

So now I’m just trying to find things to do to make the time go by a wee bit faster.. not much luck I must say, I’m still as bored as I was a few minutes ago when I started writing.
If I was tired I would’ve had a nap, but I’m not that either..
I guess that dancing around option from yesterday is an option.. and then shower.. maybe baby..

I still haven’t decided anything more about that play and such..
I hope I don’t have to choose.. because I am determined to be able to do both..

anyway i’ve bored you for long enough now haven’t it..
Yeh that’s what I thought.. have a nice day..
might update you with an entry when we’ve arrived safely at stansted, cause we usually have heaps of time to kill there as well..:P


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7 thoughts on “counting down the hours

  1. Cant wait 2 have u home, hun!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

  2. dougielee

    I got freckles too!!! Yay, freckle sistahs!
    Nu e d ca naann tim igjen ja.. haha, will have to sing some more before Monstah turns up!

  3. well that didn’t last long did it.. *sighs*

  4. Kikki

    u shouuuuld, make a videoblog about waiting! :p hihihi

  5. haha, ehm.. maybe

  6. Kikki

    haha :p :p

  7. Goooooooooood tur 😀

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