almost home..

It has taken most of today, but my room looks tidy and my suitcase is filled with all my new stuff.
I’m leaving more than half my wardrobe and I am still worried my suitcase will be waaay too heavy.
I have no idea how to get it downstairs tbh..
but it feels pretty good to be done with all of that..
I am quite excited about heading home and destress a little, cause these last few weeks have been pretty hectic and messy in so many ways.
even though i know that not everyone is as excited..:P

I am now sat here in my bed, it’s just about half 1, and after a few nights with little sleep you’d think I’d be knackered, not tired.. *sighs*
I tried asking for suggestions on what to do on facebook, but that attempt failed… so here I am blogwriting…

Went to see mcfly in leicester yesterday, which was pretty epic, good view and a nice gig.
Didn’t take that many pictures nor film much just boogied to the music really.
Filmed a little and you can find the films on my youtube-channel

and now I am watching the most recent episode of Ghost Whisperer,
I’m a bit gutted that pretty much all my series are now coming towards the season finales, because that means that there won’t be more for another 3-4 months.. 😦

In other news too,
I got an email saying I could be a dancer in this years play at Stiklestad, the big one about the battle that took place.I’ve applied for that like 5 times before and never got it, and this year I did.. problem though, I work.. the entire summer, and if I have to choose one or the other, I have to choose work, and i really hope I can do both, because it’s such an amazing thing to get to do and I’ve wanted it for soooo many years.
I am a bit torn between being excited and worried.. hmmmmm…

anyway, i’d best do my crunches now while I am still so awake, they might help me get a wee bit tired, and I always feel quite good after doing them..
I feel a bit rubbish really because I haven’t exercised in 2 days, I need to get into a routine really. I have a plan for when I get home though, hopefully i’ll be able to stick with it.
I love the kick it gives you, and I wanna be good and keep it up.. wish me luck i might fail within the first week.

anways, I bid you goodnight for now and we will see where we end up from here..
either it’s in the land of dreams or watching a movie on surf the channel.

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3 thoughts on “almost home..

  1. Synes itj det e nåkkå rart den koffertan dåkkers bli full 😛

    Og håpe det årne sæ me Spelet og jobben. *krysse fingra* Også e æ eni angående træninga, e herlig den følelsa man får etter å ha træna. Men æ bli faktisk mer gira etter træning enn æ va førri, så hjølpe ikke når det gjell å få såvvå te mæ i affaill 😛

  2. dougielee

    “even though i know that not everyone is as excited..”
    Hmm yeah, Lizy is gutted! haha

  3. haha.. yeah..
    she’s the one I was talking about:P

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